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  1. Chameleon Mike

    Why I've been away

    I just wanted to touch base with the members on here on why I've been absent lately. Recently my ex was diagnosed with triple negative stage 2 breast cancer. She has been going through I lot of testing and I've been doing what I can to help with picking up the kids while she is going through...
  2. Chameleon Mike

    US Ambilobe Panther Chameleons

    I have very few Panther Chameleons available. Males are $350 Shipped Only one female available $250 shipped. The babies are 3 months old. Eating 1/4" crickets. I'm starting to offer Dubias now. I had fecal exams and a wellness check by a Vet as well. Sire Dams Sire
  3. Chameleon Mike

    Funny video

  4. Chameleon Mike

    16 Month Old Panther Finally Laid 1st Clutch

    So this big girl just laid her first clutch of infertile eggs. She is 101 grams after laying the eggs and is 16 months old. I thought it was a little odd that she didn't really bury them when she was done but she had a big clutch of 39 eggs. Just thought I'd share.
  5. Chameleon Mike

    New Male Panther

    Just wanted to take a minute and show off this boy. I got him from @Kritter. Looks like he had yellows coming in. He was sirred by this last pic. Future breeder
  6. Chameleon Mike

    The Wait Is Over

    This little one was incubating for 9 1/2 months. He pipped and stayed in the egg for 3 days before he came out. One down 26 to go on this clutch.
  7. Chameleon Mike

    Patiently Waiting

    Any day now..... Going on 9 months and 1 week and sul waiting for this clutch to hatch. All the eggs look plump and healthy. Second pic is the Sire and the last is the Grandsire.
  8. Chameleon Mike

    New Chameleon Breed

    Who wants one?
  9. Chameleon Mike

    Red Ambilobe Panther

    Just wanted to show off my 11 month old boy that I hatched last year. So proud of this guy.
  10. Chameleon Mike

    DIY Misting System Complete

    Got it all put together. Thanks for the help @dshuld
  11. Chameleon Mike

    Super worms in bio active substrate

    I'm working on switching over to bio active. I was just wondering if anyone ever used super worms in the substrate. Just curious.
  12. Chameleon Mike

    Bio Active Tub

    I set up a tub for a bio active set up. Let me know what you think.
  13. Chameleon Mike

    Another Bioactive Question

    I recently bought springtails and dwarf gray isopods that I'm hoping will be my main cultures before I set up the bio active enclosures. My question is, should I remove the eggs from the female enclosure if I know they are not fertile or will the isopods eat them? I know the isopods eat the...
  14. Chameleon Mike

    Ambilobe Hold Backs which one should i keep

    So I have two male hold backs but I plan on keeping one. Let me know what you think. They are both about 7 1/2 months old from the same clutch. I am looking for red bodied. I think the green with the red bars looks great but the other one, although colors have a while to come in, looks like it...
  15. Chameleon Mike

    Showing off my ambilobe panthers

    Current sire of the clutch I have incubating. This beautiful boy is the sire of my hold backs. These two are my hold backs that I hatched this year.
  16. Chameleon Mike

    Sleeping Colors

    I know the chameleons colors are different when they sleep. I just wanted to share how cool my boy looks. Let's see yours.
  17. Chameleon Mike

    Wow colorful babies

    These are definitely hold backs
  18. Chameleon Mike

    Ambilobe Panther Chameleon

    I have two females and one male panther chameleon for sale. They were hatched the first week of May. Eating great. Females are $275.00 shipped Males are $325.00 shipped The third pic is the sire and the last is the dam's site. Please let me know if interested Mike 630-589-4170
  19. Chameleon Mike

    Picking Out Hold Backs

    So I'm getting ready to sell my babies and I'm picking out some male hold backs. I'm hoping for a red bodied chameleon and wanted to get some opinions from those who have had baby red bodied panthers. They are 4 months old. First this is a male, right? Would you think this would be a red...
  20. Chameleon Mike

    Baby Update Awesome Colors

    Well my babies are just over 4 months. They are showing beautiful reds, greens, blues and yellows. I just wanted to share a few pics. The first couple is not a fan of the camera but beautiful colors.
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