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  1. robmd1

    how many old-timers still hang here

    haven't been on here much since i stopped breeding Falys. its been a nice break no BS. hope everyone's doing good
  2. robmd1

    opps woke him up

    He has'nt slept put in the open for awhile so i got a picture of him . bummer that I woke him up
  3. robmd1

    Cb Nosy Mitsio

    Hiyas !! I have a few male and "maybe" some proven females available for those looking for that mitiso you've always wanted but didn't want to mess with WC? here is your chance !! first 3 pictures are avail males 5 months old ,last two pictures are the dad fired up.. 350 plus actual shipping...
  4. robmd1


    Ive been trying to get decent pictures of these boys!! its been hard because this clutch I haven't played with much so they are just like wild chams and will try and bite instead of flight. first clutch of Mitsio's for me the neon yellow and greens are nothing short of awesome
  5. robmd1

    CB pure Nosy Falys

    Hi All, I have a few pure CB Nosy Falys for sale , a couple boys and a couple girls , they are from all of my cb lines that ive been working on for the last 6 years . these are some of the best cb lines in the states . if your breeding falys or wanting to , or even just looking for that red ...
  6. robmd1

    Nosy Faly picture thread

    I always love seeing everyone's Nosy Falys havent had a thread in awhile like this so ,Ill start it off an slowly add more pics of my Falys and their lines as we go. 1st up is one of my newest clutch all my lines bred to a very sweet Wc boy Dhaulagiri who I was lucky to get from my friend Rob...
  7. robmd1

    CB Nosy Falys

    few pics of Cb Nosy Faly Boys .. they are one month apart this is what selective breeding using proven females an a long time gets you ...
  8. robmd1

    the new format

    How is everyone Liking the new format? it def taking some getting use to especially the pm's , I just think it takes alil getting use to .. it would be cool if they brought Chat back
  9. robmd1

    CB Nosy Falys

    I have two boy's and One girl forsale.. these are 100% pure cb from the best PROVEN bloodlines in the USA, the father is WC "Dhaulagiri" and the female used is from Bobbies boy to a Kush/Triton female.. there is no doubt that these ARE all nosy falys the kind everyone wants with high whites an...
  10. robmd1

    who all is still here?

    Hey all!!! who's all still here from the old days? I haven't been on here a lot for awhile... this place use to be fun use to have a chat option that I don't see anymore .. hope they bring chat back id hang out there ..anyways just wanted check in an see who all is still around ....
  11. robmd1

    Nosy Faly For Sale

    I have a Nice Looking Nosy Faly For Sale from my Bobbies Boy Male to a Kush/triton female all proven falys.. He isn't very friendly bobs his head at the ladies. he is young an has alot of coloring up to do . I keep wanting to keep him but I cant keep them all.. if you like the looks of a sweet...
  12. robmd1

    Nosy Faly Bobbies boy/Kush

    I have one male & female Nosy Faly Im going to part with he's my hold back but I cant keep them all so here is your chance at a sweet lookin falys that will only get better.. they are brother and sister not a breeding pair. the lines are sire is Bobbies Boy/Pams Chams female, the damn side is...
  13. robmd1

    Nosy Falys

    I have a brother and sister"my keepers" im going to part with both are perfect and going to be top notch Nosy Falys, they are bout 5 months old. Hate to part with them but I have a clutch due any day an one more behind it that will probally hatch at the same time so I your looking to add to...
  14. robmd1


    I got Dr Gonzo jr from ryan and lisa to carry on the awesome line.. I also took a few pics of one of Bokazars boys who is total oppisite of his brother who i also have.. Dr Gonzo jr and heres the Bokazar boy love these colors the camera doesn't do them justice.
  15. robmd1

    some sweet nosy falys..

    first up is a wc boy I got from Rob Clark his name is Daulagiri an hes warming up to bein here I got him and Maromokotro who is a kush triton male who is a beast they both are shedding an having lil spots still looks like its shower time.. Dhaulagiri
  16. robmd1

    Dr Gonzo Jr....thanks Ryan

    I went to the Pomona show sold a few dart frogs but I got some sweet chams after I left the show... I went back to Ryan an Lisa's house an picked up some sweet chams... Dr Gonzo Jr being one of them!!!! I need to get them settled in but had to take a pick of this boy love his colors!! he's...
  17. robmd1

    Male Nosy Faly "My Holdback"

    With Christmas coming up an needing to free up some cage space I decide to sell my Holdback male from Bobbies boy to a Kush/Triton female this line is high white Nosy Faly this guy just betts better every shed!! get him for Christmas !!!! He is $500.00 plus shipping first pic is Bobbies Boy...
  18. robmd1

    Faly Brothers and Step Brother

    these first two boys are brothers from Bobbies Boy who is a son of Bobbie who is a son of Raiden.. the third Boy is from Rob clarkrw3 an his daughter to bobbie. " these are just awesome Falys. thanks for beleaving in that female Rob.... heres one im def keeping..
  19. robmd1

    Cb Nosy Faly Male

    Hi All I have one male Nosy Faly that im ready to let go to his new home.. this line is from Bobbies boy who is a son of bobbie who is from RAIDEN an the females side is from Kush/Triton this line will have a lot of WHITE!! first $500 plus shipping gets him. first pic is the Dad of the...
  20. robmd1

    one of the new guys...

    This line is goin to be out of this world looking.. lots of white....
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