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  1. okiroo

    Comment by 'okiroo' in 'I'm done!'

    That is so awsome!!! congratz :)
  2. okiroo

    New Pygmy cage setup

    I made a mistake when makeing my pygmys cage. instead of useing hydro balls im useing water cubes. i actually think this has a good chance of working and will be tracking my results. :) layer1-soil layer2-organic plant feed layer3-2-3inches of water cubes hypothesis- the water cubes will...
  3. okiroo

    Comment by 'okiroo' in 'In Defense of PetSmart'

    read it. Everyone i know that works at petsmart is nice and has good thoughts i guess. but its so hard to not be mad when there 12 cuben anoles with some regulars fighting over a few females in a 12x12x18 cage :( last time i went a beardie was dead from starvation. when i live they dont feed...
  4. Chameleon(Basic Info)

    Chameleon(Basic Info)

    Ok. This is for new users to get information quickly. excuess my spelling erros please. Feeding- Dubia roaches, crikets, and reptiworms can all be primary feeders. mealworms, superworms, waxowrms, silkworms, hornworms, ect are treat feeders. worms can be addicting. feeders need to be gutloaded...
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