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  1. alvora

    Best way to get new chameleons to eat?

    Congratulations, let the growing begin. It's fun to watch them eat, get more comfortable with you and their surroundings as they become more colorful and larger. It sounds like you're on your way!
  2. alvora

    are these silkworms or superworms?

    Pennies from Heaven! We take care of our silkworms with great care, Limey wants to eat them every day. He eats 7 small or 4 mediums or 2 large silkworms. Keep them warm, at least 75 degrees (under a lightbulb or in a warm window). Lucky!
  3. alvora

    lil free range

    Diesel is a lucky cham! Limey is a veiled from Florida Chams also, maybe they're related! Limey loves his free range time (a few times a week) and he's always sad to be caged again. He will go to the top of his cage or hang on to the side, like he's trying to find a hole to escape. He's always...
  4. alvora

    distilled vs bottled

    Limey has distilled bottled water for his mister but I use our well water, which my husband tests, in a spray bottle. They are both used on an average of 50 per cent of the time. I'm usually home and I squirt him with the bottle. If I need to go somewhere or I'm really busy, I use the mister...
  5. alvora

    gray vs. white silkworms

    He didn't like the hornworms. However, I took the bulk of them to my favorite pet store with lots of reptiles and they fed them to the biggest lizards they had and it drew a crowd! The big lizards devoured them with relish. Limey's almost 2 years old. I find the Dubias interesting but my...
  6. alvora

    gray vs. white silkworms

    The supplier replied, they call them reverse zebras. They say no one else has had trouble with them. They will provide the regular and zebra silkworms in my next purchase. I'm surprised that no one else here has seen the reverse zebras.
  7. alvora

    gray vs. white silkworms

    Thank you for replying. I have tried many different kinds of worms. He would starve himself for three days and then I would give him mealworms. I don't like to wait any longer than three days. We do use the same supplier for all of the silkworms and other worms we've tried. This is the first...
  8. alvora

    gray vs. white silkworms

    Nutritional value and hardiness of gray vs. white silkworms has become a pressing issue in our home. My chameleon, Limey, loves to eat silkworms. My latest batch was gray and he is not as interested. The gray worms seem mushy and not firm, with a weak grip rather than strong and quick, like the...
  9. alvora

    keeping plants ALIVE

    How about rotating the plants? Limey (veiled Chameleon) has four live plants on the bottom of his cage. But not always the same four plants. I rotate them to outside, when it's sunny and in the house, near windows; then back to Limey's cage. They're usually changed a couple times a month. My...
  10. alvora

    Close up video of feeding

    Five Thumbs Up!! to the Best Video I've seen this year! Thanks so much for putting it on the forums.
  11. alvora

    Where are your enclosures located?

    Up high so that the cham is above my head, that is my main concern. Limey is in a main room with three huge windows on a tall rolling island. I open the shades all the way during the day. I roll him closest to the brightest window. When the weather's cold, I have large beach towels rolled on...
  12. alvora

    Animal report....

    Your choice of animal for your report was exciting for you and s/he should have talked to you before deciding you were messing around. I teach elementary students but I do know that if any student is passionate about what they're studying, we should let them fly!! Share your love of chams and...
  13. alvora

    Limey's first vet visit

    Limey is a 15 mo old veiled cham. He's always been quite healthy from my neurotic nellie husbandry. Of course he's shed many times before but this time it looked a little different. I made an appt with the vet because I've read too many posts about skin disorders going bad. He was very good...
  14. alvora

    Chameleon nicknames

    Limey B. Limey's human dad's last name starts with a B. His nickname is Limey B. (son of a B.) and it also means Let me Be! Leave me alone!
  15. alvora

    Happy halloween

    That costume fits perfectly!!
  16. alvora

    Sads News-Remy the MBD rescue Panther

    You made it possible for us to learn about mbd so we can keep our chams safe. Your posts are always Great! Thanks for all your efforts to help relieve others' suffering. I'm sad for you and excited to see the little ones coming.
  17. alvora

    Any Vegetarians on these Forums?!

    I've seen cow tongue up close! My mean brother rubbed a huge raw tongue in my face telling me to try it. He put worse things on my face. No wonder I'm a vegetarian!
  18. alvora

    Any Vegetarians on these Forums?!

    Welcome Rave to the vegetarian world! I've been a strict vegetarian for 32 years. I never tell other people what to eat because I don't want anyone preaching to me about their own lifestyle, it's just not polite. But since you asked... I am a peace activist and vegetarianism is my personal...
  19. alvora

    No crickets ever??? Silkies???

    Have you considered using lightweight garden gloves and the super big tweezers accompanied by a bandana around your mouth and nose? I'm not squeamish but I think having barriers between you and the creepy crawlies might help.
  20. alvora

    Outside This Evening

    I recognized that Calendar Girl Camille as soon as I saw the picture! Her picture's on my kitchen counter. All of your animals are gorgeous! Thanks for the pics.
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