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  1. bryantt

    New home needed for healthy male veiled

    Hi all Unfortunatley I am moving, subsequently I cannot keep my chameleon any more. I am from the uk, south east. He is mal, veiled, extremely docile, no health issues. He is obviously free but I will only let him go to a responsible caring owner.
  2. bryantt

    Gut loading advice please

    Hi all Can anyone recommend gut load for large adult locusts and pachnoda grubs. I have a veiled who is extremely fussy and is wary of fast moving bugs like crickets... When he was younger hoppers seemed to gut load easily but locusts just wont take anything, I've tried sweet potato, oranges...
  3. bryantt

    Normal spines?

    Hi Recently I have notices my veilds spines have darkened considerably but on 1/5 of his back, is this something to be concerned about?
  4. bryantt

    Can gutloading be done this way? Also pic of Rio :)

    Hi everyone So I've started gut loading with dandelion leaves as I have researched they are the best for calcium and low in phosphorus etc... Hes very fussy and doesn't like fast moving bugs, so locust are the only hard bodied insects he will eat... and gut loading them seems to be a...
  5. bryantt

    Different species of veiled chams?

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone would be able to educate me further on veiled chams. I have read on the forum that there are subspecies of veiled chams, I would love to know in more detail as I care for a veiled. I have tried the internet for more details but cant seems to find any...
  6. bryantt

    My veiled then and now...

    Nearly two and doing great :)
  7. bryantt

    Just my chameleon practicing Kong-Fu

    :ROFLMAO:Probably over thought this, but it did make me laugh. My cham looks ready for a fight
  8. bryantt

    Colour question

    Hi everyone My male veiled Rio is 14 months old now. My question is... Currently his colours range from a burgundy brown to lime green with black marks and gold bands... I've seen a lot of veiled's with turquoise colours, is this genetics/maturity? I am just wondering if he will ever...
  9. bryantt

    How he's grown!

  10. bryantt

    What is this? Is my cham sick?

    :confused: Can anyone identify what this is? I'm worried my Cham is sick... Thanks.
  11. bryantt

    cham eating habbits and viv ok or not???

    Hi everyone I have male veiled chameleon and he is 18 months old. I am trying to work out what size he's going to get and perhaps if I need buy him a bigger viv to accommodate. I want to ensure he's as happy and healthy as poss. Stats He's currently 18" (tail being slightly longer than body)...
  12. bryantt

    Male veiled not eating

    Hi everyone I'm not sure if I should be worried or not. I have male veiled 15 months old. He's not eaten for 5 days now. I now in the winter he tends to eat a lot less but 5 days with nothing seems too much. He appears healthy, hydrated and coloring hasn't changed particularly. How long, is...
  13. bryantt

    Live food for the UK?

    Hi, So I have a veiled chameleon who appear to be terrified of his food! The only food he will eat is hand fed Hoopers, Locust or wax worms... Hes too scared of other bugs he literally does everything he can to get away. If im rushing and don't have time for him to mess about when I try and...
  14. bryantt

    Good or bad idea?

    Hi, So I have a veiled cham, Rio. He's 14 months weight (unknown) length 17" He has a glass viv with mesh top 45x45x90 UV bulbs 10.0 and 2 35w basking bulbs. Inside his viv its all kitted out lots of vines different branches etc. My schedule with work has changed slightly meaning Im unable to...
  15. bryantt

    Expected growth

    Hi all, I have a male veiled chameleon, he is 17" in length and just reached 1yr 3 months. I have read many contradicting articles threads, I wonder if you can help. I am aware chameleons never stop growing and Im aware that this is can exaggerated sometimes, I was wondering when a male...
  16. bryantt

    Acceptable food consumption?

    Hi all My veiled cham only eats hoppers and wax worms, hes terrifies of fast moving bugs i.e. crickets etc.... He seems healthy but hes my first cham so I dont know whats an acecptable growth rate... When he was little he would eat up 15 small crickets a day.. Now days im lucky if...
  17. bryantt

    refreshing or stressful change?

    Hi everyone, Just wanted some advice, since reading items on the forum I can see its suggested that you do not alter your chameleons vivarium set up as this is stressful for them. Ive had my chamleon for a year now... I keep his viv clean day to day by cleaning leaves etc but once a...
  18. bryantt

    Cham has had a white head for months?

    Hi everyone, My veiled chamleon is 1 year old, since his cask started to grow considerably at around 5-6 motnhs old, it has stayed a dull grey/white with vertiually no colour. He has shed multiple times but it hasnt improved as much as I'd hoped. He is fed Hoopers and wax worms as hes...
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