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  1. alvora

    gray vs. white silkworms

    Nutritional value and hardiness of gray vs. white silkworms has become a pressing issue in our home. My chameleon, Limey, loves to eat silkworms. My latest batch was gray and he is not as interested. The gray worms seem mushy and not firm, with a weak grip rather than strong and quick, like the...
  2. alvora

    Limey's first vet visit

    Limey is a 15 mo old veiled cham. He's always been quite healthy from my neurotic nellie husbandry. Of course he's shed many times before but this time it looked a little different. I made an appt with the vet because I've read too many posts about skin disorders going bad. He was very good...
  3. alvora

    Limey's going on vacation, any travel tips?

    Do you have experience or advice for Limey's first trip? He'll be in the car for 6 hours, he'll be staying in a cozy home in Lake Tahoe (30 degrees at night, a little colder than here). He'll have his setup but I want to make sure I do it properly. We made him a traveling crate out of a small...
  4. alvora

    Brown no more!

    My juvenal male veiled worried me because he was brown so much of the time. Not since last Thursday. I took him out in the evening and placed him on a plant in my garden. I swear I never took my eyes off of him :eek:- he scurried and I searched from 6 PM to 10 PM. We had search lights, we...
  5. alvora

    3.5 month old veiled looks sad

    Veiled male, 3.5 months old arrived today from Florida Chams. I put him in the cage as soon as I opened the package, he was bright green and surprisingly flat. He readily climbed onto the leaves and vines in the homey enclosure with everything he needs. I put in 2 crickets and he turned brown...
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