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  1. Fate X

    65.00 for 1000 medium dubia shipped

    i have few groups of 1000 medium dubia for sale.i ship usps priority mail and accept paypal. contact me at [email protected] or messege me.
  2. Fate X

    dubia sale 1000 medium 75.00 shipped

    1000 medium dubia 75.00 shipped.5000 medium dubia 250.00 shipped contact me at [email protected] or messege me.i accept paypal and ship usps priority mail.:D
  3. Fate X

    1000 medium dubia 75.00 shipped

    i have a few groups of 1000 medium dubia 1/2" to 1" for 75.00 shipped i ship usps priority mail and accept me at [email protected] or messege me.
  4. Fate X

    2000 medium dubia for 140.00 delived

    Gutloaded with lettuce 2000 medium dubia 140.00 shipped. I accept PayPal and ship usps. Messege me or contact me at [email protected]
  5. Fate X

    Blaberus cranifer feeder nymphs 200+

    I have a extra 200 death head nymphs for sale for 65.00 shipped.I feed these to my panther chameleons.I accept PayPal.messege me or email me at [email protected]
  6. Fate X

    blaberus cranifer/death head roaches .50 each. free shipping

    I have 250+ death head roaches mixed 3/8 min fed a variety of vegetables and fruits. .50 each. I accept PayPal contact me at [email protected] or messege me. I use USPS priority shipping is free.
  7. Fate X

    500 medium blatica dubia for 50.00 delivered

    I have extra medium dubia already gutloaded.I ship USPS priority mail. I accept PayPal contact me at [email protected]
  8. Fate X

    500 gutloaded medium dubia 50.00

    I have a few groups of 500 medium dubia gutloaded with apple,lettuce,mango and Repcal calcium.all my pets drink filtered water. I also sell eggcrates for 1.00 each I accept PayPal and ship USPS priority mail shipping is free. Messege me or contact me at. [email protected]
  9. Fate X

    blaberus cranifer nyphs 1.00 each

    Ihave mixed death head roaches for only 1.00 each.these are pre gutloaded and drink filtered water just like my dubia.I feed these to my chameleons they get very heavy. Messege me or email me at [email protected]
  10. Fate X

    250 mixed dubia 45.00 delivered

    I have some extra mixed groups that have many adult breeders and large dubia. They are fed a nutritious diet and pure filtered water. Shipping is free I ship USPS priority and overnight. Contact me at [email protected] or messege I accept PayPal
  11. Fate X

    medium and large dubia

    medium and large dubia for sale 1k medium for 75.00 and 1k large for 90.00 250 mixed with breeding adults 50.00 free shipping included for all dubia i use priority mail. the dubia are raised in a clean environment and healthy diet. i accept paypal messege me or contact me at...
  12. Fate X

    small dubia sale

    i have a group of 5000 small dubia for 150.00 delivered.i also have a 2k group of small dubia for 80.00 delivered. i been selling dubia for over 2 years ive breed and sold millions of blatica dubia.i accept paypal i ship usps priority mail in double boxes. messege me or email me...
  13. Fate X

    250 mixed dubia

    250 mixed dubia 50.00 delivered.selling for three years the best deal anywhere. [email protected]
  14. Fate X

    selling chameleon cage ,lights supplies

    im selling what i have left over. a 2x2x4 lll reptile screen cage for 50.00 plus shipping.there are no holes in it except the top from the mist nozzle. two regular hoverbators 35.00 each shipped or both for 60.00 shipped i have a extra wafer also included. i have two 24" esu combo lights...
  15. Fate X

    small dubia 1/4-1/2 1k for 50.00 delivered

    i have some small 1/4-1/2 1k groups to sell for 50.00 each. i been selling dubia for a year.i also have some cranifer (true death head roach) for sale 100 mixed for 50.00 200 for 90.00 shipping included [email protected] [email protected]
  16. Fate X

    100 dubia adult feeders 55.00 shipped

    i have groups of 100 adult female dubia feeders for 55.00 delivered usps.priority mail. pm me or [email protected]
  17. Fate X

    blatica dubia 75 adult females 50.00 shipped

    75 adult female dubia half young breeders for 50.00 shipped xtra males 20 cents each blaberus cranifer 40 mixed for 35.00 delivered 1000 small dubia 50.00 shipped i ship usps priority mail they are 100% healthy. [email protected] or pm
  18. Fate X

    screen cages

    i got 2 screen chameleon cages for sale both 2x2x4 50.00 each i live at youngstown ohio. [email protected] or pm
  19. Fate X

    blaberous cranifer 35 for 35.00 delivered

    i have a few extra groups of cranifers to sell.these are 35 in each group with some adults and winged adults for 35.00 delivered.i have 100% positive feedback they make good feeders cuz when they get nervous they move around alot.they also make decent low maintenence pets.i keep 1/4 vermiculite...
  20. Fate X

    1K mixed dubia groups 110.00 delivered

    i have some 1k mixed groups i wanna sell.110.00 each these are very healthy and producing adults included. [email protected]
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