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  1. DrewNYC

    Wow No One needs some great free stuff?

    i got a bucnh of enclosures, lights fixtures, vines, lets just say everything i have accumaulated over 9 years of keeping many chameleons and i need to get rid of it, i don't want to throw it out?? please contact me time is limited, i need to get it out of here. my place is under construction!!!
  2. DrewNYC


    I had decided to not raise my chameleons anymore so have let them all live out their lives as best as they can, i am down to my last 2 panthers that i raised from eggs. i had 26 chameleons and now have found myself with a room full of supplies, enclosures, lights, vines etc. Some new some...
  3. DrewNYC

    mouth rot questions

    here is the link.
  4. DrewNYC

    mouth rot questions

    i had mouth rot with one of my jackson chameleons (xants) quite often, it is difficult to get rid of and yes i would clean the pus out whenever there was build up. i did not have good luck with the baytril and it may sound crazy but i had better luck with a topical i bought from lllreptile...
  5. DrewNYC

    My Little Guy

    i don't see any lights on your cage? is it just the picture??
  6. DrewNYC

    where can i get silkies and wax worms?

    [url] i must say i am a mulberry farms customer but they have not been constant with silky.s and horn'worms, i'm sure it is just breeding and purchasing problems but even though i think coastal buys from mulberry farms they must buy in bulk and have silky's when...
  7. DrewNYC

    Chameleon 911! (Merumontana)

    well i too purchased a new WC female giant fishers from last weeks show on long island, i new she was alttile dehydrated and not kept properly. just speaking to the seller i too would probably say importing without guidelines is not a good thing but she was the only one there (female) and so...
  8. DrewNYC

    Please Help:(

    either he doesn't like you staring at him which you probably are or he is dark to collect any heat/light there is. drew
  9. DrewNYC

    New Pics of setup and chams and thanks!

    his loss my gain, sorry chris but i saw this post and my mouth dropped before i read the dates, izzy is doing great!!!! drew
  10. DrewNYC

    indoor Wind?

    i maintain constant airflow in my chameleon room with 1 fan, 2 humidifiers and one of the humidifiers has a fan built in (wick type humidifier) i would not say it is windy but there is constant movement. with all the water and humidity air that is not moving can be dangerous!!!! i have...
  11. DrewNYC

    Female Giant Fishers

    Purchased from Mike @ Flchams. September 2007 Female Egg Bound and Died February 13, 2008 Necropsy 24 eggs 2/13/08
  12. DrewNYC

    DrewNYC's Blog

  13. DrewNYC

    Female nosey be

    purchased screameleons November 25, 2007 First cluth December 16, 2007 2nd Clutch February 7, 2008
  14. DrewNYC

    baby willis (one month old) says hi!

    wow, if you thought the repti-glow was expensive?? you can get them online at about $20.00 i have seen them in the pet store for $40.00 plus. iw ould suggest a zoomed 10.0 or 5.0 instead. anyway what i was getting to if you thought that bulb was expensive and you are looking for a 'playful'...
  15. DrewNYC

    New Rules

    i agree, your name can be aquired anywhere, alot of people use their full name in their email address, it is your birth date, ss# and other info that is private. i purchased from someone here i did not know, it is weird to send money without speaking and getting someone's info. i ended up...
  16. DrewNYC

    feeling helpless

    well ht eonly thing that has changed is she is starting to appear dehydrated, her eyes are sinking in most of my chameleons are montane species so i keep the less is more attitude since they are very sensitive to supplementing i use monday repcal w D3 wednesday repcal w/o friday repcal w/o...
  17. DrewNYC

    feeling helpless

    i am feeling helpless, i have a wc giant fishers female who started to dig 2 days ago in her egg bucket, she didn't lay and i found her on her cage floor so i figured i would do the best thing and move her to a giant garbage pail set up incase she was picky. i moved her yesterday morning and...
  18. DrewNYC

    horrible petco

    well i know the petco in nyc at 17 street has baby veileds (or did) they were actually selling them for $189.00 or tried to at least. i have seen them carry rudis, veileds and jackson's which they keep in these wide but low glass tanks yet they put the hermit crabs in these giant 4 foot high...
  19. DrewNYC

    sickness transmitted from your chameleon

    so how would you use a 'jiffy' steamer, just spray the steam on all items and cage?? how long does the steam need to be present on an item to kill the salmonella?, etc would it kill on contact because of the temperature?? so you would clean all with whatever cleaner, bleach, etc. and them...
  20. DrewNYC

    sickness transmitted from your chameleon

    wow that clip is ugly, i take it that is the lower intestines?? i'm sure there is a medicine that would kill them pretty quickly, i just don't think i could stand knowing those nemotodes (or worms) were swimming around me like that.
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