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  1. gogochameleon

    Re-potting cage plants, do's and don'ts ???

    dont buy soil with alot of perlite in it(white styrofoam looking stuff for better draining). Both my montium and panther chameleons try eating it off the soil so i had to put rocks down and they still were trying to get it so i changed out. Both my chams are heathly and dont appear hurt at all...
  2. gogochameleon


    Can I feed my 7 month old panther cham pray mantis?
  3. gogochameleon

    Male Panther with Gular Edema or Neck Swelling...

    ya he looks a lil overweight. I never seen this tho. I will be looking and researching for you.
  4. gogochameleon

    meal worms as staple??

    Crap!!! I dont know what to do, I know i can get phenix worms, silk worms, and horns where i live. Horns are just water. Not sure if pheonix or silks can be a stable. I know variety is important but this lil spoiled cham only likes worms. I live in wa state so there is tons and tons of bugs...
  5. gogochameleon

    On going problem for 2 months now!!!!!!

    I highly recommend this. Your humidity will be much higher because of the fine mist that the bottle cannot acheive
  6. gogochameleon

    New Ambanjas Outside

    My ambanja/nosy be looks just like that sometimes, he will turn white and black!!!! I call it his "snow camo"
  7. gogochameleon

    meal worms as staple??

    5-6 month old panther doesnt like crix or turkish roachs anymore, he only wants meal worm or worm like things. Can meal worms be a stable? Gutload? If not what type of worm would be good to feed him. He eats alot!
  8. gogochameleon

    panther chews and bites rocks

    My 5 monthish panther is chewing on sticks and biting the stones blocking my soil...his apetite did decrease a little this last week to 6-10 large/med crickets and couple mealworms a day to 2-3 crix and couple worms a day. He just shed so that might explain the apetite. Why is he chewing on...
  9. gogochameleon

    Yellow Veiled Female

    Very nice!
  10. gogochameleon

    T8 plant/aqua bulb safe?

    Still no info on this.
  11. gogochameleon

    Can anyone explain this weirdness?

    What is your gutload? Maybe they were not healthy. I notice the weaker slower crix the legs fall off easier when i pick them up.
  12. gogochameleon

    Question for those who free-range

    jumping over him wall I been free range with my Montium for months now and today he just foung out if he goes all the way to the top of his 5 foot umbrella tree and jump he can make it over his 1.5 foot wall, grrrrrr
  13. gogochameleon

    T8 plant/aqua bulb safe?

    This might be a dumb question but I cant risk it. I use a Dual 24in T8 light ficture, one bulb is a 5.0 uvb/uva tube and I had a hard time finding a plant one for the other side that was 24in, lots of 18in ones. My question is about the Fresh & Salt water Aquarium plant bulb I just got today...
  14. gogochameleon

    new baby veiled eye problem?

    Ya I knew the risk of taking such a young cham, with good care and forums like this makes things go smoother(I know this is not a vet). I own two chams already that are doing great. Im still in the middle about the basking bulb. Its 40 outside and has been raining for weeks now so its gets...
  15. gogochameleon

    new baby veiled eye problem?

    Ditching the basking bulb. When should I introduce the basking bulb back? I feed him pinheads crix, I just have a Pothos and sticks. He is doing it right now and he is really diggin at the right eye more but he does scratch both, 25% left and 75% right. Right eye closed more often but both are...
  16. gogochameleon

    new baby veiled eye problem?

    chameleon Info: * Your Chameleon - The species, sex, and age of your chameleon. How long has it been in your care? He/she is a Veiled chameleon, approx 2 week old, care for 2 days * Handling - How often do you handle your chameleon? Only twice, once to put in the cage and once to move...
  17. gogochameleon

    Kinda sad...

    Try putting a tree outside the cage and let your cham roam on that. Some chams are much "happier" when they are out of their cage.
  18. gogochameleon

    new baby veiled eye problem?

    I dont have time right now to fill out ask for help form, I have a 2 week old veiled, owned for two days, and he is scratching both hims eyes, and often. Now one is closed and the turrent is not moving. He/she is scratching them very hard on everthing. Sometime he/she will have both closed for a...
  19. gogochameleon

    I am new here and eager to learn! Here are some pis of my new baby Veiled Chams!

    I just bought a 5.0 tubular uvb/uva bulb 24in for 20, and a duel hood for them for 25 at homedepot. Welcome to the forum!!
  20. gogochameleon

    baby panther problem?

    Maybe its not hot enough, and He does it only in that spot now. I got a 60 watt house bulb. What bulb should I be using? 100 watt? Basking bulb from store?
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