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  1. Ren

    New Babies

    AWESOME One of my favorites....
  2. Ren

    Urlich the Destroyer does his best King Kong impersonation

    What part of Ohio are you in?
  3. Ren


    Hey guys, been busy, I still have about 32 or the original 36-38 veild babies, all doing pretty good, they are getting bigger and bigger and some started shedding finally, which tells me they are growing and doing well.... im so happy this clutch has done so well and I honestly think it had a...
  4. Ren

    Missing food with tongue!!! Bad aim?

    Since chams can see 2 dif things at once, is there really a depth perception problem possible? Just curious...
  5. Ren

    ! ! Finally finnished my setup and drainage ! !

    looks awesome, but why not use a smaller bucket and put it all inside? other than that its a sweet setup
  6. Ren

    worm virus

    Sure did, and i think that was one of the minor viruses. I reformatted. I figure i already had 8 hours lost trying to fix it....:rolleyes:
  7. Ren

    worm virus

    Sorry all, I dont know who else to ask for help here.... I have somehow gotten a worm.win32.netbooster virus and cannot seem to get rid of it, I do not want to reformat and am willing to try anything first... anyone else have this prob before?
  8. Ren


    I don't use a incubator I just use sterile lite containers and add perlite to them to keep moisture in,, I would assume you need the same in there for yours as well... Otherwise i would think they would dry up...
  9. Ren

    Whats In A Name?

    Ren, My ancestry goes all the way back to the early 1800's where in the old west the folks in my family settled in Nevada, and lived in a town called..Winchestertonfieldville. then in the 1980's invented a tv show with a cat and a chihuahua dog named Ren..... actually my last name is Reno so I...
  10. Ren

    New Hatchlings

    What kind fo thing would that be? If your referring to the enclosure setup I have maybe not, but im not selling it and it is doing so much better for me and the space i have to work with in my home..... so I would say yes, it is suiting me very well thanks!
  11. Ren

    New Hatchlings

    Thanx, ill look into it.. will have to go and get a new light and change it over..
  12. Ren

    New Hatchlings

    Looks good but the function isn't quite there build up is killing me. making the ballasts go out.. this is the second one. I must add a fan or simply more room inside the light fixture to dissipate heat...
  13. Ren

    New Hatchlings

    Just wanted to share.... LOL nailed a fruit fly. was just a bit late...
  14. Ren

    Baby Bonanza!

    Saweet pics there Chuck!! The vermiculite cham is quite elusive moving undetected amongst the......uh.... well vermiculite! LOL
  15. Ren

    Microfauna in cages

    Ive been reading into them and see where they would really be of help... also going to get myself some once my dart tank is up and running, I am currently working on a build of my own right now for them....
  16. Ren

    my new home made cage

    You also need a way to seal it from water...... the wood will mold and eventually rot without protection, but very well made.. I dig it..
  17. Ren

    Microfauna in cages

    Not for chameleons generally because there isn't any substrate most of the time...impaction is one of the most feared things about rearing chameleons... So no substrate is the rule of thumb 90% of the time...
  18. Ren

    someone tell me how to get started !!!

    Sandra said it all right there, however reading some of your old posts I don't think you know how to fully care for these animals quite yet let alone try to bring in new ones..... I honestly feel you are a bit ...either too young still or just too immature yet... your name alone shows me that.
  19. Ren

    New Hatchlings

    Ok had a break from posts and stuff on this one. took a little r&r since they hatched, so the staining and the poly'ing has to stop and ill finish it completely once they have outgrown the enclosure... mostly i have 3 per unit and a few have 4.... every once in a while i look in to find 5 or 6...
  20. Ren

    How many do you have??

    Ok looking back this is kewl.... Now I have 2 Veiled, 32 hatchlings doing well 1female BB Ambilobe Panther and 2 healthy male Jacksons...
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