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  1. waterpolowes

    eye help

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon -Panther. hes like a 20% mix of a few different kinds. Male and have had him for about 2 years. first 2 months not in my care. Handling - mayyybe once a month. Feeding - as of now super worms 3-5 every other day. Supplements - repcal...
  2. waterpolowes

    Throwing Up

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Male Panther cross, 5.5 months old in my care for 4 Handling - 3 times a week Feeding -6-8 large crickets everyday and superworms Supplements - cal W/O D3 Mon-Thurs Fri-None Sat d3 alt with reptivite Watering - spray 3 times till soaked daily. mister on...
  3. waterpolowes

    Butter worms

    I ordered some butter worms the other day for my little guy. How often should I offer him these over crickets during the week?
  4. waterpolowes

    It it normal for a baby panter to

    Shoot its tongue out like it was going for food at water? My little guy seems to like to shoot his tongue at water droplets rather than just lick it.
  5. waterpolowes

    Bulb Size HELP!

    I bought two different size bulbs to test what one would be the best. One is a 100W bulb zoomed bulb and the other is a 60W zoomed bulb. The 100 was way to hot and put the basking spot at 100 and the 60w put the basking spot at 74. Should I buy a regular 75w house bulb to see if that...
  6. waterpolowes

    Help with supplemenation

    Can anyone tell me exactly what type of supplements to use for my panther. Like D/3 w/o D3 and vitamins & how often to use each of them after he gets better.? Curly recently was diagnosed with calcium deficiency by my Herp Vet and was given vitamin A/D shots as well as a nutritional regimen...
  7. waterpolowes

    Help identify type of panther

    I got this little guy from a lady who breed panther Chameleons(he could be hybrid), but I would like to know if anyone knows what type of panther he is like specifically. Sorry if I sound stupid. :confused:
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