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  1. Rixon

    Does anyone have an aluminum screencage from lll Reptile??

    If so could you give a better explaination of what there like and what the base is made out of, i dont wanna sound stupid by asking but on some of the ones i've seen in uk they have a pvc base and want to know if it is also aluminum. Also does the bottom part under the door at the front open...
  2. Rixon

    HELP! Skin problem?

    i tried for some time to find out what could be causing black patches on grimlocks skin and even on the very top of his sail on his back. heres a couple of pictures, i hope you shed some light on what causes this and how i can reslove it.
  3. Rixon

    where can i get screen cages in the UK?

    hey all. i'm looking to get a new and bigger home for my four horned cham, and would like to get one like this Any ideas as to where i can get one within the uk...
  4. Rixon

    New to the site (advice for four horned chams)

    Hey all only signed up the other day, but got so distracted by all the information on here i got side tracked and never introduced myslef and said hello. So hello. Iv'e got a four horned chameleon which is my first called Grimlock, but ive never been able to find out much about them apart...
  5. Rixon

    quick question

    Hey there. new to the site and glad i found it and joined up (much better than the books i read). I have a four horned chameleon called Grimlock which ive had since last august. But over the last few weeks he's gotten a couple of black patches on him and isnt shedding his skin very well (has...
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