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  1. kk1020man

    Rudis Chameleons

    I have been looking into getting Rudis Chameleons over the past week or so. I have 125 gallon reptarium that I was planning on keeping a small group of them in. What do ya'll keep yours in? How many could I comfortably house in it? I read that they don't need a heat lamp because they like...
  2. kk1020man

    Keeping Chameleons

    After two failed attempts at keeping chameleons, one veiled and one flapneck, I have decided to try once again. The first one died suddenly of an assummed genetic disorder. According to everyone I talked with, we did everything correctly. The flapneck died of mal-nutrition. He quit eating...
  3. kk1020man

    My Chameleon Vomited

    I was watching my Chameleon Gus climb around his cage this afternoon. He was on the ceiling crawling underneath the heat lamp. He started moving a little sparadically and then his front legs let go from the top so he was hanging upside down. He stayed like that jolting around a bit. I thought he...
  4. kk1020man

    He wants to eat but I don't think he can!

    My poor Flapneck has been improving in weight, color and strength over the past week. He still has one eye that stays closed a lot but he opens it more and more. So today instead of hand feeding hime the Repta-Aid I wanted to see if he would eat some crickets. I placed four dusted crickets in...
  5. kk1020man

    Update on sick Flapneck

    Ok so I posted earlier this week about my dehydrated and malnourished Flapneck Chameleon Gus. I gave him a shower the next day. He didn't really try to drink the water but, because of the amount of water falling on him, I believe he got some into his mouth. The next day I purchased that...
  6. kk1020man

    Where do I put the lights?

    I have a reptarium and because of the dark screen I was wondering if the lights should be placed inside or outside the cage. I know the heat lamp should be out, we don't want any burns, but will the uvb/uva rays penetrate the heavy screen?
  7. kk1020man

    Help!!! My Chameleon is going to die!!

    So...I bought a Flapneck Chameleon at a reptile expo about six weeks ago. He was doing great...eating, drinking, basking, basically acting like a regular chameleon. His bone structure, eyes and color looked good. We had him in a cage that was too small for him so we upgraded to a 125 gallon...
  8. kk1020man


    So I have my Flap Neck Chameleon in a Zoo Med screened enclosure. It is a little too small for him, but next month I plan to start construction on his new very large home. For now though, I am having a very difficult time keeping his humidity up with out completely flooding his home and mine. I...
  9. kk1020man

    Flapneck Chameleon

    Hi all, I just purchased a 2-3 year old male Flapneck Chameleon at a reptile expo today! I am looking for some information about them since I am pretty much only familiar with veileds! I had never even heard of them before but I fell in love with the little guy. The breeder told me that the...
  10. kk1020man

    Rip Lewis and don't know why.

    Cage Type - 12"X18"X24" exo-terra Lighting - Using exo-terra 12 light 26 watt repti-sun. From 9 am to 9pm. The basking light is a 75 watt zoo-med. Temperature - Under the basking high is 90 and away from basking is 78-82Humidity - they are aroun 50 and misting 3-4 times a day for about a 1...
  11. kk1020man

    Blue Tongue Skink with MBD

    I recently started a job at a pet store and there is a Blue Tongue Skink with MBD that they will be adopting out. The MBD is concentrated in the lower part of his spine near his tail. His condition has not gotten any worse since he has been placed in isolation and been given treatment. He is an...
  12. kk1020man

    Hungry or Just Bored

    Do chameleons eat until they are full or do they eat because they see prey? We just want to make sure that he eats enough and that we don't over-feed him. Our 3 month old veiled chameleon eats between 13-18 crickets a day. Is that okay or a little to excessive? We put them in a dish at the...
  13. kk1020man

    Veiled with open mouth

    Okay so this is bothering me. My 2 month old veiled chameleon which I got on Friday, is walking around with his mouth open sometimes. He just does it for about 5 or so seconds at a time and does it several times a day. Everything else with the temp, humidity and lighting is correct. I just...
  14. kk1020man

    Different types of Veiled's

    I was just wondering if there are different species of veild chameleons like there is of panther chameleons? If so what are the different species? I have seen people saying that their chameleon is a sunburst veiled. Is there any sites that I could find info on? Thanks
  15. kk1020man

    how many crickets

    I just got a 2 month old veiled and would like to know how many to feed him tomorrow. I was thinking around 3 or 4 from what I have been reading, but the guy at the reptile store told me that 100 crickets in about a week which would make it over 10 per day. Is that right? We are gutloading...
  16. kk1020man

    Austin Reptile Expo in August

    Hey I was wondering if any of ya'll know if there will actually be any chameleon representatives there at the expo? I looked at the vendor list and didn't see any that said chameleons. Many of them are snakes, which I want to see also but mainly interested in the chameleons. Please reply with...
  17. kk1020man

    DIY Enclosures

    I want to build a enclosure for my 1 year old chameleon. I was thinking of a 2"X3"X5" enclosure, but I cannot find any information on diy cages. I was looking on here and have seen others with hand-built enclosures. I was wondering if ya'll can give me a little advise on the subject. Thanks...
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