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    I have a baby jackson. When we first got him, he ate a lot and all the time. I haven't seen him eat at all the past two days. He constantly closes his eyes and I guess sleeps? Should I be worried? Any advice would be great.
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    I neeed Help Skinny Cham andshe doesnt use here toung to eat

    Im not sure what is going on with my cham. She is skinny and wont eat like normal. i give her crickets and she only shoots her tong only an inch or so. after a while she gives up and just sits and wont try to eat. :confused:
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    why is my chamie eating the soil for her plants?

    my lil sobe keeps eating the soil out of the pots for the plants. any reason why?...she still eats crickets and ive seen her drinking water
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    how come my chams bottom lip is white

    She started to shed a few days ago but im not sure what this is on her lip. it might be loose skin but i cant tell. any help would be great
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    I cant tell If she likes her new cage i built

    So I had a small cage for my little Sobe. and I cant tell if she likes her new is bigger and not glass its is a screen with a plexi glass door. When she sees me she goes straight for the glass and will not stop trying to get out and if I leave she just keeps trying to get out... So i...
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    just making sure she is ok. she keeps her mouth a little open sometimes

    Hi. I just got my new veiled Chameleon and now she is just getting cumfy in her new home. but some times she keeps her mouth a little open. i have a temperature sensor with a probe that is near where she sits at. i feed her crickets and lettuce... it may be nothing but i just want to ask...
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