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    Roman edited...

    Just playin with the new phone lol Roman normal.. Roman edited..
  2. WebEviction

    Romans first vet visit ;)

    So he has no health problems so I thought this section was better then the health clinic :) I decided to get him in just for a well check I guess you'd say lol he did have some shed stuck in his eye which caused him problems :( but a shower and extra misting cleared that up :) any way roman...
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    What bugs do you keep? ;-)

    Chams are new to me as of August of this year and I fear I am getting a new addiction lol so I thought I'd share a bit of my currant addiction and see if there's any other invert keepers floating around the Cham forum :) First up Avicularia purpurea Wild caught centipede from burns oregon...
  4. WebEviction


    Hey there every one:) I'm a new owner as of about two months ago! I have always been very interested in chameleons but tarantulas have been my thing for the last 15 years ;) I visit the local shows as often as I can looking for more tarantulas which proves very difficult here in oregon and...
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