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  1. Ramrod

    D3 and outside

    If a cham is kept outside during the day would you still need to supplement with D3 on a regular basis?
  2. Ramrod

    Outside plants

    Hi all, I'm just finishing up a large outside enclosure and looking for advice on plants that will thrive in full sun. Planning on using this enclosure for Drake during the day and then bringing him inside before dark. Will need something that will climb up the sides like a vine type or?? I am...
  3. Ramrod

    Dry dubia mix

    Someone have a recipe for a home made DRY mix for Dubias?
  4. Ramrod

    Mantid food

    What would be a good staple for a mantis? I have recently become the owner of a few of the Chinese
  5. Ramrod

    What is it?

    Just noticed this on the underside of the leaves on my birdnest fern. Seems to have appeared almost overnight. Anyone have an idea what it may be? I have noticed on a couple of leaves.
  6. Ramrod

    Baby silky food

    What are the most prefered methods of providing food (chow not leaves) to freshly hatched silkworms? They are so tiny i'm wondering if they require anything special? All tips appreciated.
  7. Ramrod

    Pvc enclosure help

    Ok, question for those who have built outside enclosures from pvc. How is the wire screen attatched to the pvc framework? Thinking about doing this but only want to do it once lol
  8. Ramrod

    Different enclosures

    Wanting to get away from the usual square or rectangular enclosures. Anyone have pictures of circular or otherwise unusual shaped enclosures used for thier cham?
  9. Ramrod

    Silk food

    Hi all, can mulberry leaves be frozen for future use in feeding silkworms?? ⏳
  10. Ramrod

    Free range tree

    Any suggestions on large tree type plant that would be good to use indoors as a free range? Or any trees that could be grown indoors? I have a 16' ceiling with southwest facing windows. Not a plant person so need some ideas. Thanks
  11. Ramrod

    Wax worms

    Thinking about introducing some wax worms into the diet to use as treats only. What would be the max safe amount to feed at one setting and the frequency of offering without causing any problems? Thanks
  12. Ramrod

    Furcifer minor

    Is anyone out there breeding furcifer minor?
  13. Ramrod

    Uvb exposure

    Dont know if anyone can give an answer without having same setup to check but here goes. I have not invested in a uvb meter yet and wondering what the proper distance to branch would be using a 48" quad fixture with single reflector and 3 6500 bulbs and 1 arcadia t5 12% in the outer position. I...
  14. Ramrod

    Moth ID

    Found this beautiful moth this morning. Anyone know what it is?
  15. Ramrod

    Vitamin A

    I have always used herptivite with beta carotene twice monthly for my veiled but never really understood the difference between preformed and proformed vitamin A. Can someone explain the difference and include why one would be used over the other.
  16. Ramrod


    Ok, what forum members are offering silkworms? Pm me with details
  17. Ramrod


    Hi all, anyone know if Hypochaeris is safe for chams to eat? This is a member of the dandelion family and often called" cats hair."Often mistaken for the true dandelion.
  18. Ramrod

    New moths

    Ok, silk moths hatching from thier cacoons. What to do now? Do i need to seperate newly hatched from others or just leave them? First go around with these so asking how to proceed. Thanks ahead for the guidence.
  19. Ramrod


    I know dosage depends on weight but is there a dosage chart available to view? Thought it would be good for reference material.
  20. Ramrod

    Roach question

    Can discoids be raised in same container as dubia?
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