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  1. Big Gulp

    Mouth Sore..ugh

    Hey guys. I just noticed today that my guy has an issue with his lip area. It's like it came on overnight or something. Is this known as mouth rot? Something else? I'm gonna see if I can get into the vet on Monday but was curious what you guys thought. I feel terrible for him. Thanks.
  2. Big Gulp

    Maggots in Dubia Roach Bin??

    Hi all. So, I've been keeping/breeding dubias for years, with no issues. But about a month ago, I opened their Sterilite tub and noticed these tiny maggot-looking things on the side walls of the tub. I cleaned the tub out and thought I'd be fine. Well today I notice they're back. I'm not sure...
  3. Big Gulp

    Is my cage too dense??

    I know the issue many times with people's cages are they don't have enough branches or foliage in them. But I'm curious if there's such thing as "too much". My schefflera is quite full. Granted, Lewis (my panther) can easily work his way thru it, but I just wonder if he'd like it a little more...
  4. Big Gulp

    Chameleon hanging out towards the bottom of his cage.

    Hi guys/gals. So I have a 6 month old male panther who will, once or twice a day, head down towards the bottom of the cage and chill. When he does this, he gets much darker than usual...probably because it's cooler down there (low 70's...cooler right after a misting). Is this normal behavior...
  5. Big Gulp

    Misting Schedule

    Hi all. I just installed the Mistking starter system. It has 1 nozzle. I'm wondering what kind of schedule I should be on. How many times/ many minutes per misting. I have a 6 month old panther. Also, I'm using a 5 gallon bucket for the reservoir. Is there anything I can wrap it in...
  6. Big Gulp

    Mistking nozzles moving?

    Just a quick question. I'm installing my Mistking right now. And I can't help but worry about my guy trying to use it to climb, moving it, and then water spraying out of the wrong side of the cage, soaking my room. Is there anyway around this? I will make sure there's no branch within reaching...
  7. Big Gulp

    Banded Crickets...The Super Cricket!!

    I've always used the regular house crickets that you can find at Petco/Petsmart/Etc. Well, I finally decided to try banded crickets. I picked up 2,000 back in Oct at a reptile show (you can order from many places online). As of today, I have not had one die. None. Zero. Ziltch! Amazing...
  8. Big Gulp

    Alternative way to attaching branches

    There's a lot of great ideas out there when it comes to attaching branches. Zip ties, tacks, floral wire, etc. I just figured I'd throw out another alternative way that some may like. I take a bunch of branches from outside...measured them so they fit how I want them (horizontal, vertical and...
  9. Big Gulp

    Water reservoir for Mistking?

    I know many use a food grade bucket for their water reservoir. I was wondering if we can use Rubbermaid/Sterelite tubs instead? For me, it'd be a better fit where my cage is. But are these food grade? I'm thinking not. Do they HAVE to be food grade? Thanks a bunch!
  10. Big Gulp

    Best plant for automated mister

    So, I plan on finally installing a Mistking in Lewis' big boy enclosure (he's still in smaller one at the moment). In the past, I've had a Schefflera arboricola plant that did quite well. But that was with hand misting. I've heard they don't do well with really wet soil, which will be the case...
  11. Big Gulp

    Solarmeter Readings-Help Please

    Hi all. I just purchased the 6.5 Solarmeter. I have never used one of these before. I'm curious, what is the ideal UV reading at the highest basking point? I have a panther cham BTW. Thanks!
  12. Big Gulp

    Banded crickets turning orange

    OK, I know this may sound strange. But after feeding my banded crickets carrots last night, I woke up this morning to find that all of the crickets have an orange color to them. Now, I normally gutload with Bug Burger, Cricket Crack, collard greens, carrots, kale. This is the first time I've...
  13. Big Gulp


    I'm curious what kind of water is best for our chams. I usually use spring water, but have read lately that distilled is better. If this is the case, it'd be great since I plan on getting a misting systrem, and distilled is much better in that regards. Thanks.
  14. Big Gulp

    Repashy Calcium Plus???

    Hi guys/gals. I was talking to some people at a recent reptile show, and they say they use this stuff exclusively on their Panthers. Now, I've always heard/read- -Zoo Med repti-calcium w/o D3 most feedings. -Rep-Cal calcium w/D3 every 2 weeks -Rep-Cal Herptivite multivitamins every 2 weeks...
  15. Big Gulp

    Infrared Temp Guns

    Looking into getting a temp gun. Anybody have any suggestions? Til now I've only used digital thermometers. This is one I'm looking at. Kind of pricey tho compared to others...
  16. Big Gulp

    Looking for a new plant for my enclosure.

    Hi guys/gals. So, the schefflera arboricola I have in my enclosure has gotta kind of bare. So I've been looking for other plants and have come across a Dracaena plant at Home Depot. Anybody have any experience with these? Will this thing outgrow my enclosure quickly? This is what it looks...
  17. Big Gulp

    My veiled won't touch crickets...

    Hi guys/gals. So, my two year old boy, Milo, will not eat crickets. As a matter of fact, the only thing he'll eat is super worms. It's been this way for months now, and I'm pretty sure a staple diet of super worms isn't ideal. I'll put crickets in his feeding dish...he won't even bat an eye...
  18. Big Gulp

    Veiled stays darker color most of the time

    I have a male veiled that I've had now for 2 years (got him as a baby). The majority of the time, he's darker colored instead of the bright, vibrant color that he gets when he's sleeping. Now, I always heard that when they're darker, they can be stressed, grumpy, sick, etc. I had him to...
  19. Big Gulp

    Jungle Dawn Mega Plant Grow Spotlight! I wanted a light for my Red Eyed Tree Frog enclosure to help with the live plants. I saw this on and gave Todd a call to get more info on it. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Todd is...
  20. Big Gulp

    Cricket Crack or Bug Buffet?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a new dry gutload. I've heard mention of both of these, and am curious what one you prefer, and why? Also, are there links to where I can order these? I'm not having any luck finding them. Thanks!
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