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    Silkworms getting too big.

    Don't feed your silkies everyday. I feed them every other day and during the morning. Don't feed at night. This will help them stay smaller longer.
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    Who's got the best prices

    I'm not sure who's got the best deal, but you can check out these websites and see what you think.
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    Who Has The Best Prices For Crickets?

    I use for my crickets. He charges about $20 for 1000 crickets shipping included and has smaller bundles too. I have been really happy with him and he's in Michigan.
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    Silkworms take my stress away!

    I believe that it takes about 2 weeks for them to hatch. Just watch out if two of them mate. They stay stuck together for several hours, but then the female runs all over the place laying eggs. I didn't have a top on my container because I've never had any get out and she made a mess with them.
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