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  1. Deejay

    Jackson Cham licking?

    Hi, I wonder why I never see my Jackson Chameleon licking branches like other chameleons and lizards. Isn't this how lizards pick up on smells? It seems somewhat unique to the species. I know my Jackson can smell well by observing behavior when fresh air is suddenly near. Can anyone spread...
  2. Deejay

    Psychedelic Jackson's Chameleon Video

    Hi, I made this 4k video of Dandelion and his day to the psychedelic music of Pink Floyd's Set the Control for the Heart of the Sun song. It came out better than I could have imagined. Chameleons are so photogenic it's truly is amazing. :) I have had Dandelion for 4 months and he is is...
  3. Deejay

    Success w Silkworms

    Hi, the silkworm eggs hatched and within 4 weeks Dandelion began eating them. Thanks for all the help. The people on this forum are the best. I would never be able to be so successful. Only 5 died of natural causes. ;)
  4. Deejay

    Zoo Med PowerSun UV Bulb

    Hi, is this bulb good for a basking spot/uvb for a Jackson cham? bulb
  5. Deejay

    Do tongues

    Hi, I've been making slow motion videos of Dandelion, my Jackson Chameleon, eating. I noticed his tongue grabs the crickets body like an elephant's trunk grabbing leaves. However, I hear people describe chameleons capturing bugs because their tongues are sticky. Probably a combination of...
  6. Deejay

    Hatching and Feeding Silkworms

    Hello Everyone! We just got some silkworm eggs from Coastal Silkworms to feed our Jackson's Chameleon. We waited about a week and they're just starting to hatch! Anybody have any tips on this process? Specifically on feeding. The silkworm instructions say feed within 48 hours of the 1st hatching...
  7. Deejay

    Sleeping Jackson

    Hi, is it normal for a Jackson chameleon to be bright colors when sleeping giving away its camouflage? Are these signs that the chameleon is having intense dreams?
  8. Deejay

    Dark spot on Jackson Chameleon

    Hi, just discovered a dark spot on the chin of my new Jackson Chameleon, Dandelion. Is this a fungus? Looking for a vet in my area but any help is really appreciated. :unsure:
  9. Deejay

    Jackson Chameleon Moonlight?

    Hi, I'm using a Exo Terra Night Heat Lamp 50W on a Jackson Chameleon at night in New England Ct where the nights are cold. Is this the right thing to do or would total darkness be better?
  10. Deejay

    Your Terrarium Time & Stats

    Hi, whats your terrariums temperature & humidity and at what time? Jackson terrarium is 70F & 90 humidity at 3:30pm. What's yours?
  11. Deejay

    Dandelion says Hello!

    Hi, all. What a wonderful form. I just bought my first chameleon and he and I say hello. He is my dream lizard a jackson chameleon. His name is Dandelion. Hello.
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