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  1. KingJulien

    Cham lovers in Northern California!!!

    I'm in Northern Cal, I went to the San Jose show yesterday and will probably go to the Sac one too. I have two panthers and just picked up a juvenile Jackson's. I don't check in too often, but you can msg me. :)
  2. KingJulien

    "Gunk" on eye, always blinking / pulling it "in" (right eye only)

    Check out this thread and see if that's what it looks like, the first post has a pic. Hope this helps!
  3. KingJulien

    Another opinion on eye issue please?

    Eye film update Hi All, It has been a long time since I posted this, but I just thought it might be helpful to let others know what my experience was. Whe JJ showed symptoms, his eye had a greyish cloudy film over it. I rinsed with a jet of saliene daily, sometimes twice daily. I...
  4. KingJulien

    dubia colony

    yeah, I lucked out last week and got 55 near-adults for $20. Pretty good price and no shipping. When you order a "mixed lot" chances are, it will be mostly babies, depending on who you order from. I had a bad experience last time. :mad:
  5. KingJulien

    Calling All Snake PEOPLE!

    Thanks for the tips guys. Hubby and I lost his boa at a friends house while he was petsitting. We'll set up a mouse and see if it works. She should be getting pretty hungry by now.
  6. KingJulien

    Baby with stuck arm

    Sorry, I don't know what it was called. I was so worried about the snake that I didn't think about needing the stuff again. Maybe if you have a really nice vet they'll tell you if you call, or just let you pick some up instead of stressing the animal further to bring it in.
  7. KingJulien

    Baby with stuck arm

    My husband's snake recently got herself stuck to the thermometer glue when it fell off the cage, tacky side up. Poor thing, we couldn't get her loose. The vet had some sort of solution that's non-toxic, and it worked like a charm. PS: Beware of thermometer/hydrometers that use double...
  8. KingJulien

    dubia colony or craigslist.
  9. KingJulien

    The Chameleon Community Makes No Progress...

    Don't be too hard on "cb only" keepers, like myself. It's not that I think it's horrible to get WC species, it's that I think it would be irresponsible for ME to, and with less than a year experience caring for panthers, I think I'm right.
  10. KingJulien

    Huge YUCK!

    They don't really bother me. My lizards like them, and I like that they can't escape and they're easy to clean. They're also self-feeding if you forget. :D
  11. KingJulien

    My veiled is going to kill me!

    My boy doesn't seem to like his drip very much, which is on 24/7. He comes for the spray bottle, so I watered him (in his cage) that way a few times a week for a while, but he had trouble figuring out where the water was coming from with the spray nozzle. Eric at Chameleons101 reccomended a...
  12. KingJulien

    and her name is ........

    so cute! I want one too!
  13. KingJulien

    Skittles :)

    awwwwwww! :o so cute.
  14. KingJulien

    End the Trade?

    The assumed portion of the argument that I disagree with is not written, but implied. It seems implied by OP that it is wrong to keep pets. My well cared for lizards, snakes, and adopted pit bull are all healthy and happy as far as I can tell. They are probably better fed and protected...
  15. KingJulien

    The Chameleon Community Makes No Progress...

    This is great information thank you. I just wanted to understand the conversation around the OP's point withough spending an hour reading things I don't understand. Remember, a noob (as myself) doesn't know what species is typically available in the US as CB or not, for how much money, and all...
  16. KingJulien

    The Chameleon Community Makes No Progress...

    Well, I don't know about the experienced keepers, but I can see why the less experienced keepers might stay away. :rolleyes:
  17. KingJulien

    Facebook Hacked, Privacy

    Yeah, exactly my response. I was a little surprised my husband didn't hear about it from brass, it's probably good I didn't change my name when we was a comment about some events at his department on the police officer association page. Nothing bad or very controversial, just my...
  18. KingJulien

    If the services were available...would you use them?

    I traveled over the new year and left my dog at club k-9 (in Castro Valley, CA) and left my lizards with Eric Thompson (thanks Eric!!!). Luckily I live close enough to drop off my animals with someone, I know some of you don't have breeders or experienced keepers nearby. Look at Club...
  19. KingJulien

    Facebook Hacked, Privacy

    I have always been pretty careful about what I do and say on FB, but I posted a comment on a page once and saw it later on the news, with my full name. :eek: Hid my profile for a while. It's not that I don't stand by what I say, it's just that I didn't expect that kind of publicity.
  20. KingJulien

    My Cham keeps squinting???

    My boy JJ had an eye issue. It wasn't closed, but it had a film, an odd hazy color to it. I rinsed with saleine, used turtle drops, and supplemented with vitamin A (a tiny dab from a capsule on the back of a cricket once a day for a week). He has had no issues since.
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