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    Carpet Chameleons

    Does anyone know who is breeding these? Iv'e got a guy who contacted my site and ill throw him your way if you have any to sell.
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    Mossy frogs

    new addition to what im breeding...if anyone is interested send me a message
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    croc hunter

    for those of you who have never seen this hysterical clip
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    Licking cham

    I just added a new female ambilobe to my breeding colony. She is about 4 months now and sweet as can be. She at least 60 minutes of misting a day so shes not thirsty but she has this odd behavior giving my hand a little lick each time she climbs on. Has anyone ever seen this before?
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    CNN Planet in Peril

    Don't forget to watch Planet in Peril on CNN tues night 9pm est.
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    Egg Storage

    What does everyone use at the bottom of their egg storage boxes?
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    Bug catcher

    Have any of you ever used this?
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    Keeping Heat In

    I just discovered a building product that may help some of you who have a hard time keeping the heat in your cage. There is a radiant reflective foil insulation that they sell in rolls that could be wrapped around 3 sides of your cage to reflect heat back in. Just a thought.
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    Croc Hunter

    a video on youtube i thought you might all get a laugh at..
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    Animal Planet

    If you're near a TV right now go turn on animal planet...a segment about chameleons is coming up.
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    Unrelated Panther pairs for sale

    See site for pics and ages
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    Clorox Anywhere Spray

    Has anyone heard if that new spray is safe for cleaning cages
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    Too much calcium?

    Has anyone ever read on a theory that too much calcium can cause muscle weakness?
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