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  1. parisaurusrex

    my stubborn & burnt fool.

    Somehow, Ziggy managed to burn/scrape the top of his casque. I'm not even sure how he did this to himself since I made sure his tallest basking perch was 7 inches from the top of the cage, and the lamp is another 3 above that! But he does like to sometimes stand on his back legs whilst on his...
  2. parisaurusrex

    *Victory dance*

    I've had Ziggy for just over 3 months now, although sometimes it feels like its been forever! I've been slowly letting him out, trying to acclimate him to myself, and to say he has been less than thrilled would be an understatement completely! He is a little muncher, he loves to lick off all...
  3. parisaurusrex


    Ziggy has found his newest favorite way to chill out - hanging upside down with his little arms tucked in at the side! I think he's been watching all my national geographic documentaries with me, he's decided to go full opossum! er.. sorry the photo is sideways :o
  4. parisaurusrex


    I haven't posted anything about my Ziggy lately, wanted to share a photo! This little punk is eating out of my hand on a regular basis, but we're still working on his comfortability with handling!! He's growing a crap ton, and is becoming ever more aware of his surroundings - he likes to...
  5. parisaurusrex

    I wanna see your feeders!

    I desperately despise having to go into a large chain store like Petco or Petsmart to get food for Ziggster. It's expensive, it's a waste because half of the crickets/worms die anyways, and I just don't want to support them! I've been doing research on colonies and keeping large amounts of...
  6. parisaurusrex

    Todays Fiasco.

    Had to get sir Stardust out of his home today to do some cleaning (its been getting gross, and spot cleaning wasn't doing the trick). Lets just say he was everything but pleased, he was so upset it made me upset! My heart hurt for the guy, he didn't know what was going on! Although I know he...
  7. parisaurusrex

    Does yours eat his veggies?!

    Ziggy LOVES to chomp on his plants… seriously, all of his plants look horrible now! I've read about putting some greens in his dish to get him to eat that instead, but he refuses! My question is, how do you get yours to eat what you give him instead of his plants?! Do I just keep trying by...
  8. parisaurusrex

    Ziggy went rogue..

    So I've been leaving his cage door open while i'm in the room, to let him to be curious, to get him to be comfortable leaving his home when I'm around.. well… he got a little too curious, and now I can't find him! I searched everywhere. I know I left that room door shut all day, so i haven't...
  9. parisaurusrex

    Drift wood?!

    I've noticed that the dowels I have in Ziggy's cage are too small for him. He sometimes swings upside down on them by accident when he's in a hurry! My assumption is that his little zygodactlyous tootsies are too big, and he can't get enough grip! Even if that's wrong, I'm updating his home...
  10. parisaurusrex

    We did it!!

    I've only had my Ziggy for five days, and for these five days I have been doing my very best to leave him alone! Despite my best efforts to make him comfortable, he hates me! He "flinches" when I walk in the room, and the moment I get close to his home he darts for cover. I did have to pluck...
  11. parisaurusrex

    Moss muncher!

    I used a very damp layer of sphagnum moss on my shleffera until the dirt layer compacted a little bit, (my last cham got an eye infection from getting dirt in his eye!) and I was just watching Ziggy and saw him get a mouth full of it! He deliberately went down to the bottom of the plant, and...
  12. parisaurusrex

    mr. grumpy gills is about to shed

    At least I believe so! Ziggy's casque and face are getting white, dry-skin like! I'm hoping that this shed will help him feel better as well, cause he has been dark all weekend! He eats like a monster, loves his basking spot and hiding deep in the schleffera! He also loves to munch on his...
  13. parisaurusrex

    Large Reptibreeze, Tacoma WA

    I've got a large reptibreeze I need to get rid of! $75 obo Brand spankin' new! I haven't even taken it out of the box it shipped in. To send it back would cost me, and I'd only get about $75 back for it - so I'm trying to sell it to someone locally first! Feel free to PM me, other ways to...
  14. parisaurusrex

    235 miles, six hours of driving, to bring this guy home!

    Worked a long day, then got in the car and drove for forever to pick up my guy! Got him from LegendaryChameleons, and I have to say.. I wanted to take all of his chams home! They were beautiful! The little one I chose was darker, but when I got him home and opened his box he was sleeping, and...
  15. parisaurusrex

    awaiting the arrival of our new tenant.

    Hello! This is my second go around with chameleons, the first time was a little guy I stupidly got from Petco. I knew better at the time, but I was for sure I could bring him back to health! :o Long story short - he died a week after I brought him home. That was six months ago, and I've...
  16. parisaurusrex

    My reptilian child would like to say hello!

    Hello! I could (i have) sit and look through this forum for hours! It's wonderful! This is my Zhazu - He's a youngster with a problem! The night I brought him home I noticed him scratching his eye on the branch, and that his eye was very, very swollen! Soooo to the vet we...
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