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  1. AmandaS

    Silk cocoon

    At what point do I give up on my silk cocoon? It has been about 15-20 days since cocooning itself in, and there is that brown coloring on it...but still no moth. I have 250 silks on their way to me right now, so I can try again. I just dont want to throw little dude out if it is going to make...
  2. AmandaS


    Anyone know what kind of grubs are these? Or...does it even matter? Is it "a grub is a grub is a grub" kind of thing??
  3. AmandaS

    Hopper or lubber?

  4. AmandaS

    Dog walking

    Hayley (my daughter) and I just went on a walk with our dogs and Sandy (our rotweiller/German shepherd mix) saw a woman and her dog, so she started pulling hard, and her leash snapped!!! She ran after the lady who was TERRIFIED and screamed super loud. When I called Sandy, she came RIGHT back...
  5. AmandaS

    Anyone have silkworms?

    I am looking to buy some silkworms...any size. Just wondering if anyone has some on here as most places are sold out.
  6. AmandaS

    Pulling leaf from mouth

    Spring snagged a strong hornworm and didnt like the leaf that came with it.
  7. AmandaS


  8. AmandaS

    Mr. Mushu

    Growing right up, and enjoying some mist.
  9. AmandaS

    Best dimming thermostat

    As the title suggests, I am looking for dimming thermostats. Which is the best for single units, or multiple? In the long run Ill be doing 3 seperate set ups. (Or more if I get my feeder colonies going strong 😉 )
  10. AmandaS


    Hey, just preordered a baby beardie from a local reptile shop. Does anyone have any good caresheets or sites or things I should know? I would like to have the enclosure and everything set up before we get it home. Is there a way to sex baby beardies? Just so I know what look for when I go back.
  11. AmandaS

    Light Reflectors

    So, my chameleon realized she can see herself in the reflectors of the lights, since essentially it is a mirror. She has been stress colors for days. What am I to do?
  12. AmandaS


    My chameleon ate her first dubia today, well actually, make that 4!! Turns out she doesnt hate them so much after all. She just didn't know.
  13. AmandaS

    Just shed

    She just had a shed and is the most vibrant colors I have seen her.
  14. AmandaS

    What kind of caterpillar is this? (Crappy pics included)

    I have this on my sunflowers...just wondering if I can pick them and throw them into some kale or dandelions and feed off. Of course any bug I see im like, can i feed them? Side note, know what the black and yellow things are? Also all over my sunflowers.
  15. AmandaS

    What type of bug is this

    Red and white. Super fuzzy. Walked like a crab. Lol
  16. AmandaS

    Lowering humidity

    Currently my humidity is extremely high. Im trying to drop my chameleons humidity, which is proving rather difficult. Jacking up humidity? Got it!!! Lowering humidity? Help! I have unwrapped the cage and have lessened my mistings, one minute every 3 hours, but still my veileds levels are in the...
  17. AmandaS

    Pajama Time

    Just look at her and her cute little jammies.
  18. AmandaS


    What lights do you all suggest for an enclosure that is 7ft tall, 5 feet wide, and 2 feet deep? Really the plants and veiled are in the top 4.5 or 5 feet.
  19. AmandaS

    New home

    Im wrapping in plastic and getting a much better light! But here is my work in progress... I went from the large zoomed reptibreeze chameleon enclosure (garbage!!) to this! Now i am in need of lights and heaters(already ordered with expedited shipping) but im sure she will be much happier in...
  20. AmandaS

    Recptive female doesnt want to stay?

    So, my veiled cham doesnt want to stay in her place anymore. She is constantly trying to get out, but this has only been for the last, like, 3 days or so. She has never wanted to be out of her place before and im am becoming a little concerned. Is she just wanting a mate? Or should i fix her...
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