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  1. chameleonNcomics

    Help brake the nostral blockade!!!

    So about 2 or 3 days ago my cham ate a big cricket and some guts swung up and hit him right in the right nostril. seems to have crusted and blocked up his right nostril is there any thing i can do? has this happen to any one else how long will it take to go away? Thanks plz help the
  2. chameleonNcomics

    out side time

    hey i just started putting my cham out side today for some real sun. any hints on how often this would be good for them as they are not to happy about being garbed more then there used to also is wind ok its a little windy out but not crazy blowing all around(i live in FL). i have no clue what...
  3. chameleonNcomics

    African WC's

    hi i was wondering if any one knew what full grown male flap necks weigh out to on a scale? i have a WC male and i monitor his wight as one of the ways to tell how healthy he is. also maybe to give his age as he is WC. problem is i dont know how much a full grown male should weigh out to. it...
  4. chameleonNcomics

    The JeFfRy's 1st outside photo outing

    had to sneak up on him for these hes really shy some times. this is just one of his many faces and patterns of my buddy jeffry lol
  5. chameleonNcomics

    my growing flap neck

    whats a good wight for a adult flap neck cham any one know i got 45 grams on her right now just trying to see what the peek is so i can keep a better eye on her health and to know where she should be. Thanks
  6. chameleonNcomics

    eggs on the mind?!

    hi i think my female might be ready to lay eggs but im new at this and this is my 1st cham. im going to take out the live plant and put in a laying bin theres not room for both. How long should i leave the bin in for to tell if shes really going to lay or not or if she can. is there a time fram...
  7. chameleonNcomics

    so its a female?!

    how will i know when it needs to lay eggs? how often will it need to do this? what do i do and what are ways of telling if it has eggs. i did read a little that they can die from not being able to lay. im not sure the age and i have had her if thats what it is for about 4 or 5 months now so now...
  8. chameleonNcomics

    hi im new plz help me find the type and sex of my cham

    Hi i have had my chameleon for a few months every thing seems to be good. This is my 1st time owning and have been doing it on my own through research for the last 4 or 5 months. thought it was time to join the site and dig in. I am not sure what kind or what sex it is though. i have a few ideas...
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