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  1. flash134

    AquaZamp Preminum Misting System w/3 Nozzels

    The AquaZamp has been sold, Thanks, Dave
  2. flash134

    AquaZamp Preminum Misting System w/3 Nozzels

    AquaZamp Premium Misting system. The system was used for about 1 year and is in Excellent condition. This System comes with three misting nozzle kits. Premium Misting kits are comprised of components made in the USA. The nozzle components and tubing used in our kits are NSF certified, our...
  3. flash134

    CIN - Chameleon Information Network Original Newsletters!

    The price for the CIN Newsletters has been lowered to the first $120.00. priority shipping included! THX, Dave
  4. flash134

    Beautiful Custom Cham Cage - Local Pickup Only - Charlotte, NC

    lowering the cage price to $200 however the AquaZamp misting system is no longer included with the cage. The AquaZamp Premium Misting system (used 8 months) w/ 3 nozzel heads & timer is being sold by itself for $120.00 priority shipping included (lower 48 only), Payment through Paypal; please...
  5. flash134

    CIN - Chameleon Information Network Original Newsletters!

    Original Issues of CIN - Chameleon Information Network - The Original Information Newsletter that gave keepers up to date info on keeping Chameleons before the internet!! These are all original, not copies and have my name on the address label. These are rare and supper hard to find and...
  6. flash134

    Beautiful Custom Cham Cage - Local Pickup Only - Charlotte, NC

    Beautiful/Unique Custom Built Reptile Cage - This cage is set up for Arboreal Reptiles; Chameleons, Geckos & tree dwelling Snakes or even small birds or mammals. This cage would complement any business or office as a unique center piece or look just as good in any room in your house. The cage is...
  7. flash134

    Mist King or AquaZamp? Please help me decide.

    I have had the AquaZamp Premium Collector Misting system for several months now and could not be happier, its well worth the price:) Kevin goes out of his way to answer any question you throw at him. I use it for a free range area and 2 cages. The only time I touch it is to fill up the...
  8. flash134

    Sad Sad Day Yesterday...

    Sorry for your loss, I hope you can possibly find an alternative to selling your animals but I feel your pain. Regards....Dave
  9. flash134

    Wire Mesh

    This stuff is the Best, the guy selling it on eBay ships quick and has it available in different sizes. While 1/4" mesh will allow small crickets and meal worms to escape, you cannot beat his price's or the quality of the product (no need to worry about injured CHAM feet). The solution to avoid...
  10. flash134

    Babies in the mist.

    Great pics......I love the color patterns on the babies! Thanks for sharing!
  11. flash134

    leaving the forums

    Double Amen kinyonga :D
  12. flash134

    leaving the forums

    Amen VeiledChams :D
  13. flash134

    A Little Something Unusual

    Great Job laurie, awsome set-up:D
  14. flash134

    Divided Cage?

    This is not necessarily true, it all depends on the size of the cage and the species of chameleon you intend to put in the cages. I have just about completed construction on a divider cage and the total size of the cage is 4'X4'X2'; with the divider in place each space is 2'X4'X2' and I am...
  15. flash134

    DIYCages Ballast change

    Another great tech savvy post.....this is great information Kevin, what did you pay for the dimmable ballast? I have read a few posts regarding the exo terra light cycle unit but really have not seen any hardcore data or opinions from long term users, while i do not plan on getting an EcoZone I...
  16. flash134


    Welcome and I commend you for doing your research! Heck I waited close to 6 months before getting my deremensis, your research will pay off, no need to be in a hurry. Look at all the different options, ask questions and search for info there are a lot of people willing to help you on your path...
  17. flash134

    1.1 Deremensis Buddy's

    Yes they are truly a beautiful pair, I got them from luvelvet better know as Mr. TR HERP.....Thanks for all the comments:)
  18. flash134


    Just my 2 Cents: As a semi new member of the forum but with a lot of experience, IE: jacksonii. Believe me I am no expert but I do read and listen to advice and use what is best for me. I try not to post too much regarding questions newbies ask and usually let a more seasoned forum member come...
  19. flash134

    Just another Noob breeder :)

    You hit the right place for answers to 100's of questions, dig in; hit search; ask questions and enjoy your ride! There are some excellent hobbyist on here willing to share their knowledge & experience!!!! Welcome to all things Cham!!!
  20. flash134

    Eco Zone Vivarium Control

    Keep up the reports Kevin this is one of the best threads on the forum right now.......I love electronic gadgets:D
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