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    Help brake the nostral blockade!!!

    So about 2 or 3 days ago my cham ate a big cricket and some guts swung up and hit him right in the right nostril. seems to have crusted and blocked up his right nostril is there any thing i can do? has this happen to any one else how long will it take to go away? Thanks plz help the
  2. chameleonNcomics

    His new favorite place

    wait so the schefflera you get at lows and home depot are the bad ones? im really lost on this maybe we can get some more info here? i have one like you get from lows whats the deal with it i seen it on the safe list...:confused:
  3. chameleonNcomics

    out side time

    i use repashy calcium plus all in one so i wouldn't worry about that part thanks for the info it was what i was looking for. on a side note the last few days i have noted that my cham seems to be taking like little cat naps more in the last few hrs or so of his 12hr day (he gets 12 on 12 off)...
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    out side time

    going to try to get some more help on this. i would still really like to know good minimal times on the amount of sun that would be good for your cham? like 1hr? 2hrs? whats a good amount of time in the sun where they would benefit from having been out there? i only put him out there so he can...
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    remember me?

    when ever i shave if i let it go to long my cham acts a little strange toward me so watch out for that to maybe. also some times if hes grumpy and i show/put out my neck he gives me the beard lol
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    out side time

    i let crickets free range in the cage inside from like 3 to bed time. he wont eat out of any thing has to be free range so i don't think eating time will be a prob. thanks though hope some other people start to chime in as well.
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    out side time

    come on guys i feel like this is a super easy one here. i just need to know things like whats the lest amount of time they can be in the sun and have benefited from it and about if there can be any wind or if it should be still (hes not used to being left out side for long periods of time) hes...
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    out side time

    hey i just started putting my cham out side today for some real sun. any hints on how often this would be good for them as they are not to happy about being garbed more then there used to also is wind ok its a little windy out but not crazy blowing all around(i live in FL). i have no clue what...
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    African WC's

    hi i was wondering if any one knew what full grown male flap necks weigh out to on a scale? i have a WC male and i monitor his wight as one of the ways to tell how healthy he is. also maybe to give his age as he is WC. problem is i dont know how much a full grown male should weigh out to. it...
  10. The Jeffry Experience

    The Jeffry Experience

    Out side time
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    Where to buy Wild Caught Chams?

    i know its not the best idea but alot of your local pet stores if they have chameleons are mustly WC seems to be the case. they are also most of the time in need of a good rescue so could be a win win. there are some really nice WC in my area of FL in the locals pet stores. all though i do not...
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    The JeFfRy's 1st outside photo outing

    hey thanks he likes to show out some times. sorry got really busy last night after the post. yes its a flapneck WC had a really hard time with the rescue at 1st but things seem a little better deff not a cham i would recommend to some one who is less experienced such as i was/am lol. But he was...
  13. chameleonNcomics

    The JeFfRy's 1st outside photo outing

    had to sneak up on him for these hes really shy some times. this is just one of his many faces and patterns of my buddy jeffry lol
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