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  1. DrewNYC

    Wow No One needs some great free stuff?

    i got a bucnh of enclosures, lights fixtures, vines, lets just say everything i have accumaulated over 9 years of keeping many chameleons and i need to get rid of it, i don't want to throw it out?? please contact me time is limited, i need to get it out of here. my place is under construction!!!
  2. DrewNYC


    I had decided to not raise my chameleons anymore so have let them all live out their lives as best as they can, i am down to my last 2 panthers that i raised from eggs. i had 26 chameleons and now have found myself with a room full of supplies, enclosures, lights, vines etc. Some new some...
  3. DrewNYC

    feeling helpless

    i am feeling helpless, i have a wc giant fishers female who started to dig 2 days ago in her egg bucket, she didn't lay and i found her on her cage floor so i figured i would do the best thing and move her to a giant garbage pail set up incase she was picky. i moved her yesterday morning and...
  4. DrewNYC


    Does anyone have any experience with gout?? i just noticed my nosey favoring a rear leg, after taking him out and inspecting i can see his joint is swollen at the base (by his claw) i read this is an abundance of protein in his foods, i do not understand , they say typically with people who use...
  5. DrewNYC

    pin worms?

    can anyone tell me if there are any symptoms for pin worms? i was told they aren't a killer but a drain on the system little by little. i was given panocur for the medicine does this sound right? i asked the vet if i should give all my chameleons a round of this due to there close proximity...
  6. DrewNYC

    vet in NYC

    can anyone personally referr a veternarian in manhattan that works with chameleons well? i am really concerned with a female jackson i have and she has been to 2 different vets and i am not really happy with the results. i have been to the Westside clinic, the exotics clinic on columbus avenue...
  7. DrewNYC

    the new york metro reptile show

    anyone going to this show on April 21, 2007 i know someone in new york city was asking to be informed well here it is. i'll be driving from midtown if anyone needs a ride drew
  8. DrewNYC

    fruit fly viles

    is anyone dealing with these fruit fly cultures? due to a few babies i've bought quite a few to keep up a amount of flies but a few of the cultures seemed to have gotten contaminated or arrived contaminated, they have tiny white things running around in them, i'm not talking about the fly worms...
  9. DrewNYC

    mites, can anyone help?

    i recently noticed mites in my roach colony, i cleaned them and got rid of any moisture and thought i had it under control but i don't. i just realized they are in my mealworms, superworms, roaches, i'm not sure about the crickets. has anyone had these tiny white spots? are they grain mites...
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