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  1. flyty808

    Any Flagstaff AZ keepers out here?

    i have recently moved from sothern cal and re homed all my chameleons and wanted to get back into chameleon raising and was wondering how everyone keeps up with freezing tempatures? and if there are any good reptile shops if any? thank you
  2. flyty808

    large out door cages and large trees

    this is a large 9 foot tall by 4-4 foot deep and wide cage with a large ficus tree in it. im in los angles ca right near lax airport. i have more cages and will post them as well . i am asking 300 for this one with tree and feeding dishes inside it. you can call me or pm me for more info. my #...
  3. flyty808

    baby cb jacksons for sale

    hey every one i have a group of 20 cb xanth jackson babys. they are a week or 2 over a month now and getting big. they live outside during the day and inside during the night. they feed mainly on fruit flys(thanks karen the babys love you.) and get pinhead crickes from time to time. here is a...
  4. flyty808

    bright yellow melleri

    hi all. i currently have 3 mellers at my house and in the last month 2 of them have turned bright yellow with little to no other colors.and the most recent one did and started to look bad i have a time laps of today as it happened but im having trouble uploading them. but mainly i was wondering...
  5. flyty808

    baby jacksons

    The day mamma was insemination↑ Mamma Pregnant↑ Daddy on the day of insemination↑
  6. flyty808

    baby jacksons

    /Users/duaw8/Desktop/319415_266759160001710_100000028835070_1191234_6228757_n.jpg The day mamma was insemination↑ /Users/duaw8/Desktop/Phone Media/IMAG0005.jpg Mamma Pregnant↑ /Users/duaw8/Desktop/Phone Media/IMAG0006.jpg /Users/duaw8/Desktop/Phone Media/IMAG0067.jpg...
  7. flyty808

    wheres jackson?

    he is in hawaii in the coffe feilds. my mom sent me this pic and i sat there for about 5 min trying to find him and bam there he is. a big male jackson chameleon :D
  8. flyty808

    today's photoshoot

    and a few extra;) i liked thanks for looking:D
  9. flyty808

    small feeders needed

    hey every one i was wondering if any one knew of a good spot to get small feeders in los angeles ca i got 20 new baby jacksons and the stor with fruit flys are almost out:eek: and my babys need food soon. thanks all for your help Tyler
  10. flyty808

    a few amazing chameleons for sale

    i have a few great chams i am going to let go after raising from either birth or from jouvi stage and all are great in there own way even the grumpy ol meller;) first up is a greay mt kenya male jackson he is 2 years old now and showing amazing blues on his throat and eyes he likes to hand feed...
  11. flyty808

    male jacksonii stud needed

    hi every one i have a female that has been doing great with me eating and drinking alot. and has ahd great colors compared to when i got her. so now i am trying to see who has a male to pair up with her so she can mother some babys:D thank you all for looking Tyler
  12. flyty808

    3 amazing 3 month old baby jacksons

    i have 3 hold back baby jacksons from my male male and female jackson. they are all eating great on fruit flys and bottle flys and small crickets. they get sun during the day and will hand feed for me now. i have pics of the parents apon request. they are 50 each or 125 for all 3.
  13. flyty808

    is this a jacksonii jacksonii?

    i got her from a friend as a breeding project between the two of us and he was not sure when he firt got her he thought she was a meru. but after doing more reserch we think she is a jacksonii jacksonii. thank you all for your opinions,:D im really excited to work with her
  14. flyty808

    ambanja female

    i have a ambanja female that is 11 months and is sired by gonzo she has never layed a clutch and may be curently gravid now.she has amazing purples she is 300 plus shipping if you have any questions please email me at [email protected]
  15. flyty808

    night spot light with out disturbing the cham?

    it there a spectrum of light that the chameleon cant see like green or red?
  16. flyty808

    species cross

    hi every one. i was told that a few species could cross with other similar species and i believe i was told panthers and oustalet's can cross and i was wondering if this is true? and if so what others could be crossed? ive been wondering ever sence i saw the veiled and panther mating. and i know...
  17. flyty808

    coolest ling ive seen a cham do.

    ok i was just watering every one and doing a head count. and when i got to this new lil 3 month old panther girl i was looking for her and when i found her i noticed she was eyeballing something to eat but nowhere near her food bowl. remember it was watering for her and she wacked a water...
  18. flyty808

    Female gravid ambanja for sale or trade

    she is 14 months old from Dr.Gonzo and layed two clutches of 22 and 26 both fertile and is currently gravid with my male Mr.Mean from Mr.Ambanja blood line i will take photos when you request them so they are fresh photos that day. i am considering offers of panther males and mellers...
  19. flyty808

    wanted incubator.

    i am looking for a incubator that i can control the temp and humidity id prefer the ones that look like a mini fridge.
  20. flyty808

    jackson with her mouth open

    i have a jackson 2 years old 7 months in her gravid process just about to explode shes so big. but sitts with her mouth open most of the day. dont hear any poping or wheezing my last female did the same thing the day she dropped 22 babys. im just a worried cham parent any help or advice would...
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