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  1. sanitysake

    Skittles eats a hornworm!

    Thought I would share a video with you all of my panther eating a hornworm: link to video You can see him hesitating once or twice before he really goes for it - he doesn't like my phone :P
  2. sanitysake

    Freaking out, I think he ate a fake leaf

    So...last week I made one of these leaf dripper things with a silk material fake leaf...because my chameleon wasn't drinking enough water. I was so happy that he took to it and it worked....up till yesterday. This morning I noticed the leaf I glued gone! :eek: and I THINK HE ATE IT. If...
  3. sanitysake

    Anyone here have pet insurance for their cham(s)?

    Just wondering if this is a thing in the cham-keeping community :confused:
  4. sanitysake

    Finally set up a free range (connectable to cage) for Skittles!

    ...and I think he likes it a lot :D ^ click to enlarge I picked up a ficus tree at a local greenhouse - the trunk is braided loosely so I could easily link it up to one of the vines in the cage. Next to it is a hibiscus and they're both sitting in a tub I got at Lowe's. I noticed that he...
  5. sanitysake

    Question: Greens & pieces of fruit for adult panther chameleon?

    Hello! What experiences have you had with feeding your panthers fruits and veggies? I have not yet tried to feed mine (1 yr old), and I do not know if he has had them in the past, since I got him when he was about 8 mo old. I've heard that panthers generally don't eat as many fruits/veggies...
  6. sanitysake

    White Bleeding Heart (clerodendrum thomsoniae) safe for panther chameleon?

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone knows if the White Bleeding Heart (clerodendrum thomsoniae) is safe to put in with my chameleon? I looked its toxicity up online and some results suggest that it may be harmful/irritant to humans and pets, but I am not entirely sure if it applies to chameleons...
  7. sanitysake

    How quickly should I expect my panther chameleon to eat?

    Hello everyone, I'm a first time chameleon owner and I have a question about feeding... So, about five days ago I brought home a captive bred sub/adult male panther chameleon (8-10mo old), he's settled in fine and eats. I feed him dubia roaches every morning, I set them down in his cage near...
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