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    genic mutation or BMD

    I guess that it is genic mutation. coronet is hardness so it is not BMD. and there is not any sign else indicating MBD.
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    renal deficiency

    Can renal deficiency happen to the male chameleon that mate with several female chameleon everyday?
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    The outflow of egg white

    My veiled's egg was broken by itself and then egg white streamed from the hole. the eggs more than four months, why it can happen? thanks
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    sexuality of male

    I want to ask how to know male get in heat. I know someone say male always be in heat. but, my male (veiled and panther) didn't take any reaction when the male look at the female in oestrum. sometimes, the male did reaction to female very slowly/. the male is one year old.
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    Plesase, male or female?

    Please tell me that is this panther male or female. It looks like male from color and looks like female from contour of body . Thanks
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    Appetite problem

    One of mine friends have had a CB panther. it is more than 6 months old. but it have not good appetite. he only eat 1-2 superworm every other day. it don't eat cricket at all. How can make him have good appetite?
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    Red spot on the eggs

    There are so many red spot on my viled's eggs. Is it bad sign? Why red spot happen to the eggs? Thanks in advance.
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    How uW/cm2 UVB is good for Veiled and Panther

    The day before Yesterday, I bought a solarmeter 6.2. I metered one of my UVB with the new equipment. My UVB lights are all ZOOMED repitsun 5.0. The UVB lamp I metered have been used for 6 months. I measured the UVB at the point where is 30cm(12'') from the surface of the UVB light. It is 6~7...
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    My female don't eat after laied

    My female Veiled ate very well during pregnancy. Why she eat nothing after laied? What should I do now? thanks
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    What is bug

    Please how to say this bug in English. and Is it beneficial to Chameleons? Thanks
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    How do you think of hybrid(Veiled x Panther)

    Have anybody made Panther to mate with Veiled? What's will got from this hybrid? How do you think of hybrid? interesting,unmeaning or unkind Thanks
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    I need a vet. Thanks

    Hi, I have had a little Veiled that have a trouble with eyes shut. She is about 8 months old. I don't know why she is closing her eyes recently. It was very fine about two months ago. She could ate many crickets in a day. One day, I made up all the cages. I put her and her small cage on the...
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    A poor question

    Now I get a very poor question about whether 5.0 UVB is enough for Veiled and panther? Is it necessary to choose 10.0 UVB? I would to know which is right. But the words from a friend of mine make me confuse.
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    Misfortunes never come singly

    one female panther of mine have just been kept for one month. But she have eat nothing for 2 weeks(she drink). There is one black diamonds on her belly. I don't know what happen to her. I suspect the UVB used for her have attenuated. she catch MBD. but I don't know she have just basked UVB...
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    Question about cricket Gutload

    I have just read the article from I have four questiones, please help me. thanks in advance. 1. In the article, there are two part (Dry mix and Wet mix). Does both of them constitute gutload to crickets? I provide water to cricket to drink...
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    Odd egg

    Yesterday. an odd thing happened to me. One female chameleon who is gravid laid one egg on the bottom. just only one egg was laid. Why can she deposited one egg? I have provided deposition area to her. I wonder why she laid the egg outside of the area? Thanks
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    Which's kind of panrth ?

    What's species of my panrth ? Ambanja , Ambilobe or hybrid?
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    How long UVB female need during pregnancy.

    I use ZOOMED IG 5.0 UVB for my female chameleon. Now I turn on the UVB 14 hours per day. But she always hide under live plant since she mated. I want to know wether it will affect her fetation? Thanks
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    How to make the food for Cricket ?

    I have been using FLUKER'S cricket diet as the food for my crickets.But it is hard to purchase from flukerfarms. So do you have dirction how to make the food for crickets ? Thanks
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