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  1. karebear41486

    Ambilobe Pair - Midwest

    Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone in the midwest is interested in a proven Ambilobe pair? I would really prefer not to ship! I live in SE Minnesota...and I don't want to craigslist them (again...) because there just aren't a lot of chameleon people around here and I would love for them to go...
  2. karebear41486

    Sexing Hatchlings?

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to post a few pictures of my babies to see if some of the experts would like to share their opinion on their sex. I have an idea of what I think these two are, so if I am right, than hopefully that means that I can sex all 25 of them! Here's the first one...
  3. karebear41486

    My First Hatchling!!! **baby pics!!!*

    Hey everyone!! Just thought I'd share my extreme excitement with you all--my first chameleon baby has hatched! 8.5 months of waiting, and its all worth it now! More eggs are sweating, hopefully there will be siblings soon!! :)
  4. karebear41486

    Eggs Hatching?? **(pics)**

    Hey everyone! I have some panther chameleon eggs cookin' away and they are at the 8.5 month mark and showing signs of hatching. I am only concerned because my previous clutch was not successful at hatching. The first clutch started showing signs of hatching right before the 8 month mark--the...
  5. karebear41486

    Weak panther hatchling

    Hey everyone, So on Wednesday night I noticed that one of my eggs from a clutch that was layed on 6/26/09 was starting to hatch. The hatchling took until last night to finally come all the way out of the shell, which I understand is completely normal. However, I found him when I got home...
  6. karebear41486

    Too much water in vermiculite?

    Hey everyone, Just had a few questions that I couldn't find the answers to from previous threads. First of all, is it possible (I'm sure it is) to have too much water in the vermiculite while incubating eggs? My first clutch is 5 months old and have been growing nicely so far. I have them...
  7. karebear41486

    Help with homemade incubator?

    I have been looking into getting an incubator for my panther eggs due to the fact that we keep our house fairly cool in the winter, and cooler months will be here before we know it! I stumbled upon this homemade one on craigslist that was made using a small refrigerator, heat tape, thermostat...
  8. karebear41486

    She laid her eggs!

    Hey everyone, just had a few questions regarding the 35 eggs my ambilobe just laid. First of all, I was surprised by how small they are...I have hatched out a clutch of bearded dragons before but it seems to me that those eggs were MUCH larger. Is that typical? I will post pictures in 5...
  9. karebear41486

    Chameleon Company's Honcho

    Hey Guys! I was just wondering if anyone had a picture of Honcho (orange body blue bar ambilobe) from Chameleon Company, or any of his offspring? I see that there are some available on Kingsnake, and was just wondering what the sire looked like. The babies already look amazing for their age...
  10. karebear41486

    Here's what I found...

    So i just got home from Mother's day festivities and I found my female Ambilobe in my male's cage...and she is just sitting there next to him...I don't know how she managed to get in!! Its so weird...anyway, just wondering if that's ok to leave them together?? She is absolutely not showing any...
  11. karebear41486

    My new pair of Ambilobes!!

    Hey everyone! Just thought I'd share some pictures of my new Ambilobes from the Chameleon Company!! They are awesome...the female is cute and chubby, and the male is exactly what I little picture perfect rainbow Ambilobe!! I'll share some pictures of the female later...
  12. karebear41486

    My First Hatchling!!

    ...Although it isn't a chameleon, YET...but I did wake up this morning to find that the first of my bearded dragon eggs had hatched!! I was soooo excited, so I thought I would share...babies are always exciting even if they aren't chameleon babies!! :) I do have some pics...but they really...
  13. karebear41486

    Wild Caught Chameleons

    I was just wondering, like when breeders offer wild caught chams, or when they say that they got in a gravid wild caught female and now they are offering captive hatched babies, where do they get these wild caughts from? Do they have people that work for them over in Madagascar or something...
  14. karebear41486

    My first veiled! :)

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to introduce my newest addition to the boards! He's very young...any experts that would like to take a stab at his age, that would be very helpful! Haven't thought of a name yet either...hopefully that will come next! :)
  15. karebear41486

    Elmer Update! :)

    Hey Everyone! It's been awhile since I've frequented the boards, so I thought I'd put up some current pics of Elmer! He's about 10 months old now...time goes so fast!
  16. karebear41486

    My New "Big-Boy" Cage!! :)

    Well, we finally finished remodeling the rickety old cage that I bought on Tuesday. I'm really happy with how it turned out!! My boyfriend worked day and night on this thing until it was went from being MY project to his...which I think is so cute, considering about 6 months ago...
  17. karebear41486

    Mercury Xenon light??

    Hey everyone! Just a few quick questions. I work at a PetSmart and about a year and a half ago, we had a panther chameleon (wild caught male, full grown, lots of problems-go figure) that we adopted out to a family that came into the store a lot. He had a LOT of problems...mainly eye problems...
  18. karebear41486

    New Pictures!!!

    I just got ambitious and took a bunch of pictures of my cham. He is right around 5 months old now and getting lots of color!
  19. karebear41486 do you do it?! I was enticed by the idea of roaches as feeders...and now I'm wondering how the heck that happened?? They arrived today...100 various sized lobster roaches. I'm not a very squeamish person when it comes to creepy crawlies...but these things are suuuuper creepy! Anyways...I'm pretty...
  20. karebear41486

    My precious little baby is here!!

    My little panther baby came today...he is so cute and perfect! Just thought I'd show you all some pictures of him. I also want to thank everyone who has helped me with my million questions and prepared me for the cute little bugger that I now have! :) He is 80% Ambanja and 20% Nosy Be from...
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