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  1. Scrappy

    cham video

    here's a funny video i thought everyone might enjoy!
  2. Scrappy

    Roach Feeding ???

    Okay...I ordered some of those blaptica dubia roaches. Well, besides the fact that most are huge and creepy, what's the best way to get Bubba to eat them? I tried turning a big one loose in the cage after pulling off the big back legs and he wasn't/still isn't interested. Then I've placed 3...
  3. Scrappy

    Lighting question

    Has anyone had experience with vita lights? If so, what is your opinion on these? I plan to switch to a ice cap double balist and I'm look for input on lights. Thanks!
  4. Scrappy

    New kid on the block

    Hi All, Just wanted to introduce myself. I live in Maryland. I'm not what you'd call a newbie to cham keeping, but I'm no expert either. I successfully kept a WC Senegal for 2 1/2 yrs, she recently passed. After she passed I saw and fell in love with my new guy who is approximately a 10mo...
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