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  1. blackened

    Repashy calcium plus vs seperate supplements

    Hi everyone, Currently we are using exo terra calcium, exo terra calcium d3 & Komodo multivitamin in the advised schedule for a veiled chameleon. However, I see quite a few people using repashy calcium plus on here including quite a few trusted members. I'm wondering if anyone knows any...
  2. blackened

    Tasty lil fingers?

    Hello everyone, we've had our female veiled for 4 weeks today. Although we've never handled her she doesn't seem too worried about our hands being close. She has hand fed a few times. So tonight I thought I may try stroking her chin. Slowly I opened her door and gradually moved my hand toward...
  3. blackened

    Hello & thank you!

    Hello everyone, My girlfriend (AngieL) and I got our first chameleon just a couple weeks ago. She's a female veiled, about 3 months old. She's quite friendly, has tong and hand fed. Even let me stroke her chin once :). Staples are locusts and salad with the occasional wax or meal worm. Once I...
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