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  1. Liamthecham

    Blind and lethargic with RI... HELP!

    My male panther chameleon has had a respiratory infection for quite awhile, i took him to the vet a couple of months ago and he gave me injections to give him and i swab his mouth, he was doing pretty good eating, drinking, active all the normal for a chameleon. But the past couple days i...
  2. Liamthecham

    Panther cham

    My year and half old panther
  3. Liamthecham

    My new cham falls asleep on me!

    I opened his cage to mist the plant and he came out at me so i held him for a while let him crawl all around me and then he finally came over and fell asleep on my belly. ( of course i thought it was the cutest thing! ) The other picture of him on my hand all curled up and comfortable he had...
  4. Liamthecham

    Respiratory Infection... bubble over feces?

    So i just learned my new cham (only had for a week now) has a respiratory infection (not exactly positive that is what it is... he has a vet appt tomorrow morning) but i am very worried, i have heard him what sounded like an exhale a couple times, but no popping or wheezing nothing dramatic. He...
  5. Liamthecham

    Mouth rot?! HELP

    How do i know if my cham has stomatitis?? When i first got him he had some brown stuff on the side of his mouth ( which i had thought was bug guts) it was not going away and about two weeks later he has (sticky saliva? or puss?) coming out also looks like he is blowing bubbles but coming from...
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