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    Can I feed my 7 month old panther cham pray mantis?
  2. gogochameleon

    meal worms as staple??

    5-6 month old panther doesnt like crix or turkish roachs anymore, he only wants meal worm or worm like things. Can meal worms be a stable? Gutload? If not what type of worm would be good to feed him. He eats alot!
  3. gogochameleon

    panther chews and bites rocks

    My 5 monthish panther is chewing on sticks and biting the stones blocking my soil...his apetite did decrease a little this last week to 6-10 large/med crickets and couple mealworms a day to 2-3 crix and couple worms a day. He just shed so that might explain the apetite. Why is he chewing on...
  4. gogochameleon

    T8 plant/aqua bulb safe?

    This might be a dumb question but I cant risk it. I use a Dual 24in T8 light ficture, one bulb is a 5.0 uvb/uva tube and I had a hard time finding a plant one for the other side that was 24in, lots of 18in ones. My question is about the Fresh & Salt water Aquarium plant bulb I just got today...
  5. gogochameleon

    new baby veiled eye problem?

    I dont have time right now to fill out ask for help form, I have a 2 week old veiled, owned for two days, and he is scratching both hims eyes, and often. Now one is closed and the turrent is not moving. He/she is scratching them very hard on everthing. Sometime he/she will have both closed for a...
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    Cool Chameleon video!

  7. gogochameleon

    New veiled and panther!!!!!!

    Ambanja/nosy be cross panther and not sure on veiled, any info on what species of veiled would help. Thanks for looking!!!! Post pics of your veiled if you think you got the same lol.
  8. gogochameleon

    baby panther problem?

    I recently purchased a 3 month old panther. I have only owned him for a week now and his appetite is pretty good and he poops alot, and drinks everyday. I noticed he doesnt move around alot tho, and he lays down parts of the day on his side. Almost lathargic but not enough to call it that. As I...
  9. gogochameleon

    new baby panther questions

    I just got a ambanja/nosey be cross 3 month old chameleon. I posted some pictures recently. I already own a adult montium but was wondering what I should do different for the panther? Should the dusting schedule be the same and should I dust every cricket or just some? I use d3 every 2 weeks and...
  10. gogochameleon

    NEW Ambanja/nosy be cross!!

    Just picked up another chameleon last night. He is a ambanja/nosy be panther chameleon, he is about 3 months old!!! He has a little blue coming in and just shed befor I got him. I have a montium also but keep separate. :D
  11. gogochameleon

    lobster roaches and feeding schedule

    I have a adult montium, he was getting bored of crickets so i went and found some lobster roaches just today and he loves them. He was only eating 2-3 max crix every other day sometimes every day, but today he had a feast of lobster roaches. He ate 4 pretty good sized ones real quick compared to...
  12. gogochameleon

    mouth staying open

    I have a adult male montium. Last couple days he has been keeping his mouth open and just sitting there in the corner(not under the basking light which stays at 84. I heard he might be trying to regulate his body temp but nothing has changed in his free range(6ft wide, 3ft deep, and 8ft...
  13. gogochameleon

    mouth staying open

    I have a adult male montium wild caught. Last couple days he has been keeping his mouth open and just sitting there in the corner, not all day but usally in the morning. I heard he might be trying to regulate his body temp but nothing has changed in his free range(6ft wide, 3ft deep, and 8ft...
  14. gogochameleon

    How many crickets!??

    :D He is a adult male Montium chameleon, I dont know how old exactly because I have owned him for only 3-4 monthes(also WC). He is 10 inches long(just measured).Tried wieghing him but I could only get a reading from 30 to 40 grams...he was moving and not so happy with my efforts I feed him...
  15. gogochameleon

    New free range and Montium Pictures(Hank)

    Thank you for the compliments, these chams are alot of fun and love. I will be taking more pics tomorrow, maybe tonight when he sleeps. I have not wieghed him or measured him, but I will. He get shy when a few or more people get close to his cage but then settles down. For the about 3/4 of the...
  16. gogochameleon

    Hank the montium

    Owned Hank for a few monthes now and loving it, just build a free range,will post pics soon:D
  17. gogochameleon

    Open range in closet??

    I was thinking of building a open range in my closet, he is WC and i feel bad having him in a cage. I was gonna take off the doors and put up a 12in plastic wall so he cant get out. I will put 2 t-12 plant and aquarium bulbs at the top and have one 24" T-8 uvb bulb also. I need any sugestions at...
  18. gogochameleon

    Flourecent UVB help please

    I have 48 inch T-12 (2) bulb ficture from homedepot for 10 bucks and it does wonderful for the plants with plant and aquarium bulbs. But im trying to find some UVB bulb that would fit in the 48in hood and that can be used for chameleons??? Im using a zoomed 5.0 for UVB now but im moving him into...
  19. gogochameleon

    Montium chameleon sick???Help PLEASE

    Your Chameleon - Montium Chameleon, male, Adult. 3 Months owned Handling -Every other day Feeding - Crickets regulary by cup or let loose in cage and sometime a house fly or moth. 3-4 crickets a day and a fly which he loves prob once every week or two. Gut loading wit bread, celery, lettuce...
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