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  1. Chamaeleoeo

    Santa Barbara

    Heading down for vacation this whole month from the bay area. One of my buddies who is also into chams mentioned that there was a big reptile shop that was worth hitting up. anyone know what this may be? and if so have experiences with it? -Bobby
  2. Chamaeleoeo

    dubia with hissers?

    at the moment i have 2 adult female and one adult male dubia, tons of midsizes and nymphs. when i first threw all of these guys in i also had a few hissers so i tossed them in. now, the hissers are theyre getting their color and are just as big as the dubia! should i be concerned? if not now, in...
  3. Chamaeleoeo

    cocc treatment i have been treating my veiled for a little over a month now for coccidia and pin worms. at first i started out with Albon(unfortunately) and panacur...after three days of treatment from albon i came to notice how bad it was and immediately ordered ponazuril, but the damage had been...
  4. Chamaeleoeo


    any good reggae bands worth takin a look at you guys know of??? always trying to expand my playlist...
  5. Chamaeleoeo

    Dubia Breeding

    alright so i have a 10 gallon tank all covered with tin foil along with 3/4 of the top screen portion. plenty of paper towel rolls and some egg crate. dry oats, good dog food, and ofcourse nice gut loading veggies and fruits(yams, sweet potato, kale, mustard greens, carrot, grapes, pear, bell...
  6. Chamaeleoeo


    81grams normal for a 6month male veiled?
  7. Chamaeleoeo


    Fans of microbrews??? i really enjoy Green Flash, Lagunitas, and North Coast. any East Coast breweries to check out?? more west coast???:)
  8. Chamaeleoeo


    is there any material that they have trouble sticking to as to avoid the cham from injuring their tongue? my veiled likes to eat mostly in privacy so id like to leave em in there...or perhaps luck with free ranging?
  9. Chamaeleoeo

    are you guilty?

    how many people have their own cham or chams pictures as their background??? im guilty as sin...
  10. Chamaeleoeo

    swimming panther?

    Kameleon Vereniging Nederland :: Bekijk onderwerp - F. Pardalis ambanja blauw foto's this just dosent look safe...or sanitary
  11. Chamaeleoeo


    i always have trouble getting my hissers to move around...they always seem to pile up in a corner of the feeding dish. is this just a hisser thing??? do dubias move around more than these guys??? perhaps a round feeding dish with no corners for them to pile up in??? any suggestions or solutions...
  12. Chamaeleoeo

    sexing hissers

    have about 12-15 hissers. have checked them all out and im not sure if i have any males...some of them are differently shaped (longer vs. stubbier) but havent noticed any "horns" or furry antennae. did i just get unlucky and not get a male??? the majority are about 1.5 to 2 inches, adults??? any...
  13. Chamaeleoeo

    enclosure pics, male veiled pics

    Made this enclosure out of a shelving system like you can find at orchard or pretty much any hardware store. pretty much just snaps together and there is a whole mess of different sizes to choose from. plus if you wanted to expand or bring it back to a smaller size just cut the screen and move...
  14. Chamaeleoeo

    plant question...

    i know it says in the safe plant area of the forum that Codiaeum variegatum is midlly toxic, but it is such a beautiful plant. exactally how toxic is this stuff?? is it worth even putting in an enclosure do to the risks of ingestion???
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