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  1. Scrappy

    Chameleon rocking side to side

    I personally call this the "chammy dance"! :D
  2. Scrappy

    The All Maryland Reptile Show

    Jenna so sorry we missed each other, I was looking forward to it as well. Maybe another time soon. Hope all is okay with your family. :)
  3. Scrappy

    The All Maryland Reptile Show

    I'm coming!!! {yelling and jumping up and down waving hands} LOL :p :D
  4. Scrappy

    newbie here with new panthers

    Male panthers are not difficult to take care of at all compared to females of any species. I have a male Ambanja and he is completely awesome. Males are much easier to care for because you don't have to deal with any of the egg issues that you do with females. As long as they have a basking...
  5. Scrappy

    cham video

    here's a funny video i thought everyone might enjoy!
  6. Scrappy

    Too many animals!!!

    okay....thought i'd add to the Here's my list: 3 fat cats 1 fat guinea pig 1 panther cham 1 fat bearded dragon 3 green tree frogs 1 30gal fresh water tank with about 8 fish 1 55 gal planted (CO2) tank with about 8 - 10 fish and shrimps and last but not least 1 180gal...
  7. Scrappy

    Big Plant Eater/Non Drinker

    LOL .... this is normal behavior especially for veileds. They tend to eat more vegetation than other cham breeds. Though it does seem excessive that you haveto replace the plants so frequently. Have you tried offering her romaine lettuce? This is another possible substitute. I personally do...
  8. Scrappy

    Yellow? Help

    IT's possible there is a bit of dehydration. Try increasing her mistings and see if that helps.
  9. Scrappy


    What is your basking and gradient temps? Could be he's getting overheated.
  10. Scrappy

    Playing dead

    LMAO Heika ... that is priceless!
  11. Scrappy


    that is typical behavior for a veiled. They tend to be more aggressive than other breeds.
  12. Scrappy

    Male or Female Veiled Question

    I would say positively a male... you havethe start of breeding protusions and a thicker tail base. Those are both signs of a male.
  13. Scrappy

    Soon to come..

    That's awesome. I've been to the Kammer's site a number of times and he has amazing color, so they should be real beauties. Best of luck with successful hatching!
  14. Scrappy

    tips on catching

    :D lmao Dave!! ;)
  15. Scrappy

    Leon the Veiled Chame"Leon"

    Based on the coloration/marking he already has I'd say he's older than 11 weeks.
  16. Scrappy

    Cinnamon laid eggs today

    Congrats on the successful egg laying and good luck with the hatching and rearing stage!
  17. Scrappy

    Prism Chameleons New Facility

    OMG! What an incredible set up you have now Jenna.....and I know what you mean about those extreme MD weather changes LOL I'd love to see some pics of your newest baby projects and I'm still interested in getting Bubba a girlie hook up :D
  18. Scrappy

    Impulsive hubby brought home a Senegal...

    Hi Mel ... I can understand the impulsiveness as my first cham was an impulse buy of a Senegal. I was able to successfully maintain him for 2 1/2yrs. This is one of the most difficult breeds of chams to keep in captivity. They are also highly prone to the skin worms because 99% of them are...
  19. Scrappy

    PG-13 (Strong Sexual Content)

    :eek: that second pic is like they are saying DO YOU MIND!?!? :D congrats and good luck with a successful clutch.
  20. Scrappy


    awwww I'm soooo sorry Heika. I know you did every you could for him and I think unfortunately there was just too much damage already done. R.I.P. beardie buddy
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