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  1. ShaSha

    hand feeding

    Got my Jackson Chameleon a week ago. How do I get him to hand feed? I am feeding him crickets. I held one out to him and he just ignored it. I tried a few different times.
  2. ShaSha

    Never see my Jackson drinking

    I got my Jackson Chameleon last week. I've never seen him drink. I hand mist throughout the day and have a little dripper. I have a water dish in thgere just in case even though I was told they don't use the dish. How do I know if he is drinking the water?
  3. ShaSha


    Just purchased a Jackson Cham yesterday. I read that they should be treated for parasites as most of them will be affected by this. Should I take him to the vet to be treated?
  4. ShaSha

    Keeping my Jackson healthy

    I just bought a Jackson yesterday, a male. I have a Reptibreeze mesh cage 18x18x36. I have a 5.0 reptsun UVB and and a 60 basking light. I have lots of plastic plants wrapped around twisting vines as well as wood branches purchased at a pet store. I would post a pic, but keep trying and it...
  5. ShaSha

    New to Cham Forums

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I have a Crested Gecko and yesterday purchased my first Jackson Chameleon.
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