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  1. KShook

    Female lat. Lat. Carpet cham

  2. KShook

    Carpet Chameleon (furcifer Lateralis)

    It's been a while since I've been on here! But I have decided to Rehome my Female Carpet Chameleon CB from Kevin Stanford aka Dooley1 - since my young children and job take up most of my time. I'm asking $125 OBO for her. Please shoot me a PM or Text @ 805 297 7115 if interested. Local Pick...
  3. KShook

    My Mom - - -

    Completely NOT herp related....But I need some place to get this out where Family does not get to Crazy...Anyway... So yesterday was a pretty crazy/scary day. My Step Dad "Dad" Called me late thursday night "My Phone was Dead & Charging" I turn it back on around 9-ish - The first message said...
  4. KShook

    My Baby Riding Guinness the Horse!!!

    Thought I would share my Daughters FIRST Horseback Ride on my friends 9 Year Old Gelding "Guinness" She starts her official Riding lessons this Saturday! So Exciting!!! Enjoy! Kayla
  5. KShook

    Cb female carpet

    I have a CB Female Carpet from Kevin Stanford Available only asking $150 for her She's about 8 months old and in great condition I just do not have the time she needs. ~*Local Pick Up*~ PM Me for me info about her.
  6. KShook


    Thought I would share my 2 Chins that I have...Pixie & Maja are so sweet and adorable! My Daughter Chloe and Pixie Chloe and Maja Sorry for the messy cage in this pic...BUT its oh soo cute with the two of them sleeping! Hope you guys Enjoy them! :)
  7. KShook

    Carpets Outside?

    Just curious if any So Cal residents that own carpets have them outside? Weather permitting of course! I keep mine indoors during the day while I'm at work and normally put them out when I return home till dark And repeat through out the week. I will keep them outside MOST of the weekend "when...
  8. KShook

    I'm Back............With Carpets!

    I knew I would not be out for long.. :) And now introducing my wonderful Carpets!!! Male: Female: Thanks for Looking!!! ~K
  9. KShook

    Aqua Zamp Mister

    I've decided to sell my AquaZamp misting system since I won't be keeping chams for a while...I have 7 Nozzels, 7 Plate Holders and some tubing. This misting system is the best I've ever had! If you get it I can promise you will not be disappointed with it! ***LOCALS ONLY*** Asking $100...
  10. KShook


    I have a Female King Snake to Re-Home the sooner the better. With or W.O her setup..Shoot me a PM or Text me @ 805-297-7115 with a reasonable offer for her...Just looking for her to go to a good home. She's Tame & Sweet. Here's A Couple Photos of Her! Thanks Kayla
  11. KShook

    Adult Female King Snake

    I have a female King Snake I'm looking to rehome -Very Tame - Will trade for screen cage 18x18x36 or make me a reasonable offer for her ! Serious Inquiries Only!!! Text 805-297-7115 For Pictures
  12. KShook

    Snake ID Please..!

    I got this girl from someone a while ago, BUT we have decided to find her a new home due to our young kiddo's...Anyways He says she's a King Snake Morph?? Can anyone confirm?? Also...if your interested in her shoot me a PM with an offer for her! She's very sweet and TAME!! Locals first please...
  13. KShook

    Adult Female Veiled

    My girl has finally laid her Clutch and will be ready for her new home by the end of this month! Asking $100 OBO for her! Please Shoot me a PM if your interested. Thanks For Looking ~Kayla
  14. KShook

    Need 18x18x36 - Used

    Looking for cheap used 18x18x36 cage so I can move out my HUGE custom enclosure to the garage...Shoot me a PM if you have one and your local. Thanks Kayla
  15. KShook

    Veiled Pair Back Up

    Still looking for a home for these two - I will separate but prefer to keep together. They have Successfully mated since the last post. I will be keeping the clutch before they go off to their new home. Asking $200 for the Pair. Here's Camo: And Female:
  16. KShook

    My Last Post...

    This will be my last post for quite a while...Thought I would post my crew before they go to their forever homes! If anyone is interested in my Veiled Pair shoot me a PM - Sambava's have been called for. Thank You all for your love and support of my chams & most of all the wealth of...
  17. KShook

    Good Bye For Now..

    Due to some life changes we're kind of forced to give up our Chameleon Hobby for now... I have a wonderful little Family "New Addition came to us on 10-28-2011" in which we love and adore him very much! This now leaves us with very little time to care for our beloved chameleons. Today it really...
  18. KShook

    Adult Sambava Pair

    I have an Adult Male Sambava about 3 years old and a Proven Breeder - His Sire is The Torch from Chameleons Northwest Pictured Below "Blaze" For Sale: His Sire "The Torch" Adult Female Sambava just over a year old & a Virgin - Her Sire is Cortez from The Kammers Pictured...
  19. KShook

    Adult Veiled Pair

    I have an Adult Veiled Pair (they have not bred yet) My Male is about 2-3 Years Old with some major burn scars from the past "The Reason Why We Rescued Him" - He's a Beautiful Guy besides that. Eats and Drinks like a Champ! I also have An adult Female Veiled (has not been bred) she's just...
  20. KShook

    I'm in BIG Trouble!

    My Baby Chloe just LOVES the chams - just as much if not more than I do!!! Here's a few Pics! Hope you Enjoy!!! Kayla!
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