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  1. panthercrazy

    Rudis Babies!!

    I received a pair of Rudis beginning August.....well I now have 5 babies!!! Oh they are so cute, so are coming asap.
  2. panthercrazy

    Roaches wanted

    I'm looking to find some roaches to add to my chams diet. In Alberta it is impossible to obtain, however, I know of people with them? How and where are they coming from? If anyone has some they'd like to sell, please PM me. Thanks :)
  3. panthercrazy

    Alert!! Those who purchase 'bug tub' crickets

    I just came from checking out a new store in town and while I was there, I was intending on picking up some crickets to get through until my order arrives. The staff advised me at the till, their supplier informed them of 3 million crickets dead overnight :eek: They are unsure of whether it...
  4. panthercrazy

    Mellers & Jacksons in Canada

    Anyone have Mellers or Jacksons available in Canada? Please PM me with info if you do. Thanks :)
  5. panthercrazy

    Flap Neck Eggs!!

    I posted a little while back about the WC Flaps I got in. Some of you know that I had troubles with the male and lost him. I was quite disappointed as I brought in a trio (1.2) with the hopes to breed later. Well!!!! .......The bigger female laid 23 pearly whites for me today!! :)
  6. panthercrazy

    New..Nosey Be!!

    These 2 arrived on Friday and I had to share. They come from Chameleon Nation's Cyrus. I have to commend you on your shipping/packaging! Unbelievable! I have had many flights arrive where animals have been tossed about and boxes upside down :(. I was in total amazement when I opened up...
  7. panthercrazy

    Liquid Calcium Dosage

    I am looking to find out how to figure dosage based on weight for liquid calcium. I'd appreciate any feedback from those with the knowledge on this. Thanks :) shows the guy in need and details.
  8. panthercrazy

    We, as humans can do this to an animal???

    I received call from local shop to come see if I could help this guy out. He was dropped off by current owner for the store to sell him, as he is no longer wanted. I have given him a shower, set him up appropriately , and have him outside for the benefits of the natural sun, hoping this will...
  9. panthercrazy

    Other addition today... Flap Neck

    Here is the other arrival today, Flap Neck. When I opened the box, he did appear some stressed but come straight out onto my hand, up my arm as if to say "Thank-you...finally out of that thing!" His eyes appeared to be somewhat sunken as well. I got him into his enclosure and offered...
  10. panthercrazy

    Rhampholeon brevicaudatus..Getting ready for new additions!!

    I am getting an enclosure ready for some new additions. I have searched through the posts here and would welcome any comments as well. So far here is what I have. The enclosure is 24"L x15"D x 21"H, made from glass with small screen inserts on sides & screen top. The empty enclosure...
  11. panthercrazy

    Veiled Chameleons in Western Canada FS

    I have 1.1 Veiled Chameleons FS. Please contact me for pricing & pictures via pm. I will ship via Air Canada or pick up is welcome :)
  12. panthercrazy

    2 New Babies!!

    I figured it was best to start these 2 in their own thread, that way I can update as they grow. As I posted earlier in (these are moms to babies as well) these are 2 of the 65 babies I had the pleasure to babysit for a week...
  13. panthercrazy

    New Panther Girls

    I just wanted to share pics of my newest additions. Neither of them are too happy with the camera but here they are. I'll post better ones a little later. A friend of mine, has decided that it is time to move on from the chams, so I have graciously taken these girls :) The last 2 pics...
  14. panthercrazy

    If you could have one...

    If you could have one of the following chameleons, which would it be and why? RUWENZORI SIDE STRIPED FISCHERS TWO HORNED FLAP NECK MERU JACKSON WERNERS THREE HORN
  15. panthercrazy

    Tough Boy turned Timid??

    I was doing my feeding, I get to this guy's cage and had to get the camera. He was throwing a hissy fit a few days ago and would have taken my finger off given the I got a good giggle when I saw this While I'm looking he backs further down behind the vine as if to say...
  16. panthercrazy


    These little beauties are so neat to watch. They don't jump as much as most tree frogs but more so walk very destinctively. They change from brown to green colors and will show through some turquoise when first picked up. 3 available for $60.00 each or $150 for group. Shipping available...
  17. panthercrazy

    Darts & Mantellas in Canada

    These have been in my care since October 2008 and are doing great. Can ship at additional cost. Please pm for more info. 5 - Tricolor Mantellas $50 each 1 - Black Eared Mantella $45 2 - RETICULATED AURATUS $50 each 2 - CAMPANA AURATUS $60 each
  18. panthercrazy

    Feeding Time Pics

    I caught a couple pics during cup feeding the other day. This boy is full of attitude, always hisses at me and acts him food and he melts! He will eat of my hand, usually I have to be super fast open cage cause his tongue is ready before I have hand This was...
  19. panthercrazy

    Possibly Gravid?

    Ok, so here's my situation and then I'll get to the question. I have been searching the breeding posts and cannot seem to find my answer. I have a 14 month veiled (not one that I have raised, I got her out of a poor situation a few months back). Where she come from she showed...
  20. panthercrazy

    First of Seven Enclosures built

    Here is the first of seven enclosures built for my chams. Measurements 42"H x 24" D x 18" W Lighting on top 24" fixture with linear tube T5 Tropical UVB (thoughts on these?? I know many state the T8 Reptisun 5.0) Dome fixture with heat/basking bulb Frame has been water proofed. I like...
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