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  1. Arjan

    My Kinyongia species

    Here are some pics of my Kinyongia species. I hope in the future to work with more Kinyongia species. At the moment I have also two nice looking K. multituberculata clutches. :D Kinyongia tavetana (male) Kinyongia tavetana (female) Kinyongia multituberculata (male) Kinyongia...
  2. Arjan

    F. Pardalis Ankaramy (Pink Panther)

    Here is a small update of my Ankaramy male. This male is about one year old but he is rather small but growing very fast the last couple of weeks. It took a while when his color started too show and in my opinion he will be more pink in a while. I read and heard that the Ankaramy juveniles...
  3. Arjan

    Furcifer minor

    Some photo's of our Furcifer minors :) Male: Female:
  4. Arjan

    Our Ankaramy male

    Here a some pics of our Akaramy male. He is getting really pink :D
  5. Arjan


    Here are some pictures of my angry Sambava turning back to his normal colors :)
  6. Arjan

    Pardalis Sambava

    Here is my Sambava. He's almost 3 years old. Like I told in my introduction I will get an Ankaramy in June and when I get him I will post some more photos.
  7. Arjan

    Hey everyone

    Hey, I'm Arjan from the Netherlands and I'm a member of the Dutch Association of Chameleons. With my girlfriend we are collecting the articles, photos, etc. for the magazine that is send to all the members. Currently I own one male Pardalis (Sambava) and in the past I had a female...
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