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  1. Niels Pedersen

    Chameleons Under Threat: Conservation and Actions

    Chameleons are an fascinating and iconic group of reptiles, but unfortunately they appear to be under a disproportionately large level of threat with extinction. While an alarming 26% of reptiles species globally are estimated to be threatened or near threatened with extinction, an astounding...
  2. Niels Pedersen

    We are looking for pictures!

    Do you have any pictures of sick chameleons. Then we would love to hear from you. We are updating our website and in this context we need more pictures, among them, disease. The idea is, that we want to know how veterinarians treat chameleons for all kinds of health problems, and what the...
  3. Niels Pedersen

    Breeding Rhampholeon spectrum.

    Rhampholeon spectrum terrarium. Rhampholeon spectrum 1.0. ' Rhampholeon spectrum 0.1. Digging out the eggs. The same eggs, 6 months later. Rhampholeon rhampholeon spectrum. Only a few hours old. Incubated around 21 C. Only a few hours old.
  4. Niels Pedersen

    Cranial morphology

    Im working on an article about the cranial morfology in chameleons and wanted to share a few pictures. The idea is to compare the shape of the parietal bone with each genus. Archaius tigris Bradypodion thamnobates Brookesia perarmata Calumma brevicorne Calumma globifer...
  5. Niels Pedersen

    Calumma nasutum group.

    Don't think it has been posted yet, so here is a "new" article about the diversity within the Calumma nasutum group. Very interesting :) You can find the article here.
  6. Niels Pedersen

    Some of my species

    Rh. spinosus Rh. spinosus K. tenuis male K. tenuis female K. boehmei male K. boehmei female
  7. Niels Pedersen

    My wip terrarium rack

    Hey folks I just wanted to share a few pictures with you guys. This is how my rack system looks like (wip). Still need paint it, fix the light, plants and branches. This will be the setup for K. tenuis, K. boehmei, K. oxyrhina and Rh spinosus. The large ones will be housing small groups and...
  8. Niels Pedersen

    picture request

    Hi fellow chameleon enthusiasts. I need some pictures of the following chameleon species for personal use, so if any of you have pictures, links or if you know a book where I can find a picture of one of my requests, pleace let me know. you can either post it here og pm me. Thanks...
  9. Niels Pedersen

    CIN magazins

    Hi people Does any of you own the old CIN magazins or do you know if it is possible to buy them? Thanks Niels Pedersen
  10. Niels Pedersen

    Ch. calyptratus locale and colourmorphs

    Hi We offen see on american chameleon sites, people talk about diffrent calyptratus colours, some natural and some "inbreed". Have people more or less agreed on what to call the diffrent colour variations and how each type should look like? I would like to know how many natural locales or...
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