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  1. dodolah

    One more reason why we love roaches

    Stock up on Dubias ;) they might end up saving your life in the future.
  2. dodolah

    What the heck is that?

    Look at what I found in my EMPTY pygmies enclosure. I was about to clean the enclosure and put it outside to clear the space. But, just when I was about to disassemble everything. I found six of these little buggers ;).
  3. dodolah

    Used Screen Cages

    I have 4 used screen cages. All Aluminum screen cage. Screen cage #1: Color Black 24X12X24. Green PVC bottom Drilled for drainage. One small hole from Misting apparatus. =$ 35 Screen Cage #2: Color Silver 27X18X52. PVC bottom drilled for drainage and one small hole from misting apparatus...
  4. dodolah

    Paul is in critical condition

    Next monday, Paul, my very first chameleon (look at my avatar -that is Paul when he was still a baby), is supposed to undergo his usual annual checkup and I have made an appointment a week ago with Dr. Greek. Unfortunately, this morning old Paul found stressed on the bottom area of the cage...
  5. dodolah

    Fantasy Art Fan anyone?

    Anyone a big fan of Fantasy art? Dragons, Wizards, Robots, and what not? If you are, you probably knew about Spectrum book already. Well, the new Spectrum 17 (coming out this October) will have my artworks in it. So, if you happened to be in your local...
  6. dodolah

    My new addition to family.. Not reptiles sorry

    Hello.. Sorry that I can't contain my excitement. I need to show off my new addition to the family. He is now still cared by his mommy and will be ready for me to pick up on April 6. He is a goofy puppy. He loves to run around and yes.. sometimes he tripped because of his ear. But, he beats the...
  7. dodolah

    Reminder about UVB light, heat, and D3

    I post this Interview excerpts with Frances Baines long time ago.. But, I thought once in a while.. it's good to have a reminder... Here is a snippet of the interview: Your comment of “UVB lamps should be positioned over the basking zone” and “D3 synthesis requires warmth” intrigues me. In...
  8. dodolah

    Weird Moment

    My poor 4 years old veiled virgin, Paul, just finished his basking routine. As I moved him to his inside enclosure, he decided to mate with my hand :o Now he is restless looking for my hand inside his cage. Poor boy.. He really need a companion. :)
  9. dodolah


    hey, guys. Anybody know the scientific name for this reptile? thanks
  10. dodolah

    Information about lighting for our chameleon

    I thought i should share to the whole forum members of my interview with Dr. Baines about lightings for reptile. It's a LOT of info, I hope you guys enjoy it as much as i do, Best
  11. dodolah

    Fruitflies excess

    I don't normally sell feeder. But, I have over abundance of flightless Hydei culture (Inside are the normal hydei mixed with the golden one -nutrition is the same. the only difference is their color). Rather than letting them go to waste, I thought I would sell them here. 1 culture 5 bucks +...
  12. dodolah

    fruit fly media

    need a2 or 3 fruit fly media. preferably the one already looked like this: I don't need the flies.. just the media. ASAP. before my culture die off. if possible, local pickup to save time and money. I am not looking for the green/ blue one since they often become stink and moldy soon. thanks
  13. dodolah

    vaseline VS Ants

    How effective is Teflon paint (bugstop), grease, and vaseline in preventing ants from attacking your pygmies and their enclosure? summer is heating up and the whole neighborhood start to be having the ants waves (again).. Since i cannot use steinernema Feltiae in pygs' enclosure (I assume they...
  14. dodolah

    cleaner crew

    a quick question.. how many spring tails and sow bugs exactly needed in 15 gallon enclosure? is a culture of 50 pillbugs too many/ too little? thanks
  15. dodolah

    Reptisun 5.0 for sale

    I am upgrading all my chams to their adult cage 36" length; thus, i no longer have the need to have reptisun 5.0 18" tube. I have couple of reptisun still in the box, never been used ever. I'll let them go for 12 dollars. Local people gets the priority (since it makes more sense for the local...
  16. dodolah

    my late blooming cham

    Here is my ambanja 'Pixel', which at one time thought to be a shemale. He has a very small 'you know what' up to 7 months old. At time, his bulge will completely disappear. He is close to 1 year old, weighing at 155 gram now (I mistakenly told Ryan my 10 month ambilobe weight instead at the...
  17. dodolah

    Phoenix worm as recycler machine

    i thought this is interesting: Want to go green? why not breed phoenix worm? Throw your food scrap into a trash can called biopod and let the flies do the rest. once they multiply, the maggot (phoenix worm) fell into a smaller tub and ready to be harvested. :)
  18. dodolah

    The most beautiful Music Video.

    This made my day. A friend of mine post this on my FB today. I thought I would share. It's called Literal Video: Enjoy
  19. dodolah

    Used Cages for Sale

    I have: 1 used 24 24 48 cage: $67. Color is black. There is a small hole on the top from where the misting nozzles used to be. 12 24 12 cage $50. Color is black. 1 small hole on the top for the same reason. a custom size cage for $85. (27 18 50)- the width is designed to fit the standard metal...
  20. dodolah

    custom cages

    Wanted: two aluminum screen black cages by the size of 18 X 18 X 48. I want the one identical to lllreptile cage to match the other cages I have. Please PM me. Thanks
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