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  1. ronstafari

    WC Ambanja

    This male is fully acclimated and parasite free. I'm asking $250 shipped.
  2. ronstafari

    Calumma Parsonii Cristifer

    Sharing a couple pics of my WC Cristifers that i got this week. I'm excited about working with Calumma species, I've always wished i could get some one day.
  3. ronstafari

    Cb Ambanja female 3 months old

    Last one left. She's Ohtar/Akuma. 125 shipped
  4. ronstafari

    Cap Est and Masoala

    I have a few WC Cap Est and one Masoala male for sale. I'm asking $250-$300 plus shipping. here's a couple pics. If interested you can message me here or email me at [email protected] thanks for looking
  5. ronstafari

    Nosy Valiha breeding pairs

    I have two pairs of Nosy Valiha for sale from European lines. all animals are in great health raised in the Florida sun. I know I'm going to regret parting with them but i have to make room to focus on a different project. I'm asking $700 plus the cost of shipping. You can contact me here though...
  6. ronstafari

    Check this guy out

    What do you guys think. He's 6 months old now and over 80 grams
  7. ronstafari

    What locale would you say this guy is?

    I'm thinking of buying this guy. Not really thinking at all, I'm ready to pull the trigger. He came in as WC Tamatave, but I'm thinking he might be something else. Any thoughts or advice would love to here your responses.
  8. ronstafari


    Soi live in central Florida it rains nearly every mid afternoon. And now ants have decided they like my chameleon area. I have all like plants in the cages as well as outside the cages for free range. They aren't bothering the chameleons yet. But how do I end this problem before they take over...
  9. ronstafari

    NOSY VALIHA Baby pics

    Squeak and Aurora and two of the males. The other female is quite reclusive, I didn't wanna stress her out to much by trying to get her out of the cage.
  10. ronstafari

    MASOALA Baby pics

    Here's the Masoala pair no names yet
  11. ronstafari

    CAP EST Baby pics

    Tink and my male Cap Est Bleach and my female Ivory
  12. ronstafari

    Masoala, CapEst, and Nosy Valiha Shipment

    Ok big thanks to Steve McNary, Bobby Ruddock and Jason Gotcher for all their hard work on bringing these animals in. On a scale from 1-10 I give them a 13. i received everything i asked for and this endeavor has turned into a friendship. I'll be posting pics over the next few days. My wife had...
  13. ronstafari

    Kaepernick Siblings from the Grimbold pairing

    Hey does anyone out there get a baby from the Kaepernick/Grimbold pairing. I'd like to see what everyone else's looks like
  14. ronstafari


    This guy is coming along nicely.
  15. ronstafari


    Finally got a shot of Tiny nailing this butter worm. This is my 9 month old Nosy Mitsio. Really loving how this guy is turning out. His yellows are starting to come in.
  16. ronstafari

    Two separate clutches

    So i have 20 from the first clutch and 30 in the second. My question is, is it ok to have them in the same container or should i separate them. right now they are at opposite ends of the tupperware container. Just seeing what everyone else thinks thanks for your time.
  17. ronstafari

    Outdoor Set Up

    SO today I started setting up my cages and drain tables. I live in Central Florida so temperatures are perfect here, but my question is will i still need a basking bulb.? The cages will be out in the lanai with plenty of live plants to hide in to cool down, but should i still keep all my lights...
  18. ronstafari

    Incubation Methods

    Whats the best way to do this i have several tupper ware containers with vermiculite in them or should i buy an incubator? Any advice would be helpful i know ive seenit done both ways but worried about keeping them at a constant temp
  19. ronstafari

    Nosy Mitsio update.

    Tiny is not so tiny anymore. Might have to change his name
  20. ronstafari

    Tiny my Nosy Mitsio update

    Here's a couple if pics of Tiny who's not so tiny anymore. Hes about 4.5 months old now. Can't wait to see what his bars are going to look like.
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