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  1. Vibrant Chameleons

    Canadian Economy Pricing

    Right now in Canada, since the economy has been spinning downward, the going rate for a Panther is $175-200 and I've seen people selling 2 for $350. What a drastic change in price. Unfortunatley, that price will never get higher in Canada now that it'll become the standard. It'll only go lower...
  2. Vibrant Chameleons

    Species export bans?

    Parsonii have been banned from export for a long time, but what other species have been banned?
  3. Vibrant Chameleons

    WC Wilderness Photoshoot!

    I had a photo shoot with a few of my breeders today. My WC Nosy Be and my WC Ambilobe. They sure put on a show for me today! Enjoy! :D
  4. Vibrant Chameleons

    Nekton Rep

    Does anyone use this product? My Vet swears by it and told me that all the Zoos use this product as well. You just sprinkle a tiny amount on your water crystals and let your crickets gutload on it as well. I think I'm going to start using it. Any thoughts or experiences with the product?
  5. Vibrant Chameleons

    Male Ankaramy Question

    Does anyone know is their lateral white stripe can be broken and still 100% pure Ankaramy?
  6. Vibrant Chameleons

    Pedialyte once a month?

    Would it be safe to offer your chameleons Pedialyte about once a month, as a precautionary measure for extra hydration? I don't see it as being a problem, but I'd just like to hear others thoughts on it.
  7. Vibrant Chameleons

    Pretty in PINK!

    Here is the newest addition to my collection taking in a nice shower on the Japanese Maple. My WC Ankaramy! His name is Cosmo. He needs a little hydration but other then that, he's a very healthy WC.
  8. Vibrant Chameleons

    Hatch Rite Results

    Well folks, I finally have results from using Hatch Rite. From a clutch of 21 Panther eggs, all 21 hatched out perfectly healthy and strong over a 5 week period. They started hatching out at 9 months 4 days and the last one hatched today at 10 months 1 week. :D
  9. Vibrant Chameleons

    Superworm Bedding?

    What is the best bedding to use for Superworms? I've had a few batches of 1000 superworms spoiled by grain mites and it's getting rather frustrating. Is there a simple way to keep the grain mites away? I have been using Bran Flakes for the bedding and carrot/potato/yam for moisture. Any easy...
  10. Vibrant Chameleons

    Magnolia Trees?

    Has anyone ever used these in an enclosure for a Panther before? I bought a few since I couldn't find my normal Ficus or Umbrella plants and was in need of something. It doesn't show to be a toxic plant online, but just wondering how they will do in an enclosure.
  11. Vibrant Chameleons

    WC Nosy Be Breeder

    It's been so nice out lately, I had to grab a few shots of my Nosy Be breeder :D
  12. Vibrant Chameleons

    Brilliance in under 30 Seconds!!

    Take a look at the color change my breeder ambilobe went through in under 30 seconds of taking snap shots! Be sure to look at Picture 1 through Picture 8 to see the final outcome.
  13. Vibrant Chameleons


    I went bug hunting today with my son and I was able to find about a dozen grasshoppers from a pesticide free area. The lucky chameleons that got a chance to taste them, absolutely LOVED them. I sure wish we could buy these here in Ontario, Canada. Is there an easy way to breed your own...
  14. Vibrant Chameleons

    1 Female + 2 Males = ?

    This has been on my mind for a long time, so it's time I get some thoughts and opinions. If you bred a female with 2 different males at different times while she is receptive, would you get babies from each Sire in the same clutch? With Ball Pythons, if a female is bred with 2 different males...
  15. Vibrant Chameleons

    Baby Nosy Female! Sooooo Cute!

    This little girl was born on April 8th 2008. She's almost 11 Weeks old and she's already 4" total length :D
  16. Vibrant Chameleons

    Acclimating Gravid WC Females?

    What's the best way to Acclimate gravid WC female Panthers? Will they drop their clutches of eggs like normal? Has anyone had problems with a WC becoming egg bound when they were shipped gravid?
  17. Vibrant Chameleons

    One Dozen Nosy Be Babies!

    I picked up these beautiful female babies on the weekend. A big thanks to ChromaChameleons. He's a very great person and also a great friend. :D
  18. Vibrant Chameleons

    Pics with NEW NIKON D40!

    Have a look. Took 2 of my chameleons to the park today. It's my first time using my new Nikon D40 DSLR. Let me know what you all think :D
  19. Vibrant Chameleons

    Shopping for New Camera

    Hey guys n gals, I've been using a cheap 5MP point and shoot for the last 2 years and it's time to upgrade. I don't think I'm ready for an expensive SLR quite yet but I've found one that's just as nice as an SLR that is 10.1MP and 18x Optical Zoom. This is the camera I have my eyes set on...
  20. Vibrant Chameleons

    Sound Asleep... Awwww!

    This is my 9 month old Maroantsetra, sound asleep. Daddy just couldn't resist taking a pic :D
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