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  1. MissSkittles

    What did I do wrong? I'm so heartbroken.

    That is too frequent for misting. Is better to give 3-4 mistings of at least 2 minutes daily. I know nothing about using the critical care for gutloading, but the orange cubes are a mistake many of us have made. Best gutload is to use fresh organic vegetables and greens. I also add to my...
  2. MissSkittles

    Would This Work for Laying Bin Sand?

    For the same price, go to your local home improvement store and get a 50lb bag of play sand. That 5lb bag on Amazon isn’t going to be anywhere near enough to fill a lay bin.
  3. MissSkittles

    Chameleon identification

    Where did you get it that couldn’t tell you what type it is?
  4. MissSkittles

    What did I do wrong? I'm so heartbroken.

    I’m so sorry that you lost Zeus. Although I’m not experienced with baby panthers, the only thing jumping out at me in your husbandry is basking temp is a bit high. However, it is not normal for any chameleon to have it’s eyes closed while basking or at any time during day time. It is also not...
  5. MissSkittles

    My chameleon doesn’t want to go in cage

    I’m so confused. :oops:
  6. MissSkittles


    Dang! I just weighed and measured Spike...328 Gm and looks to be around 18” (he wouldn’t stay still).
  7. MissSkittles

    using great stuff foam.

    I did Hammlet’s Repti Breeze with Great Stuff. I used plastic light diffuser/egg crate which I had secured to the screen frame for support. I can’t imagine trying to carve out places for plant pots...lots of unnecessary work imo. Is so much easier to secure the pots where you want them and them...
  8. MissSkittles

    Eye Flushing In Chameleons

    While interesting, I just imagine that some keepers will try this and harm their chameleons. Specifically, those keepers who are told repeatedly that they need to take their chameleon to a vet and for whatever reasons refuse to do so.
  9. MissSkittles

    Wtf my cham snatched my smoke out of my mouth

    Good thing it wasn’t lit!
  10. MissSkittles

    Silk cocoon

    Since it has the brown you could try to carefully clip a little hole to help it out. It may still be alive. I clip a little and then use tweezers to pull and push away the silk until there’s a hole.
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    This may help.
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    First I would suggest getting her off of the heating pad. It could burn her too easily and add to her problems. To get the best idea of what may be going on, if you could fill this out and provide pics of her whole enclosure. Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - The species, sex, and age of your...
  13. MissSkittles

    plants to many????

    Most of the pet stores near me are pretty much the same. :rolleyes: I find it’s easier and quicker to just buy what I need from Amazon or other on line source.
  14. MissSkittles

    Gnats, Gnats, Everywhere.

    Dreaming of that day 😌
  15. MissSkittles


    I overslept and someone was not pleased having to wait for his bugs.
  16. MissSkittles

    plants to many????

    A simple old fashioned incandescent light bulb makes a great inexpensive basking bulb. Halogen works too, but LED does not.
  17. MissSkittles

    July 2020 Photo Contest

    Congrats to the winners! All very beautiful chams and pics. :love:
  18. MissSkittles

    plants to many????

    That’s a mercury vapor bulb which is not recommended to use for chams unless you have a solarmeter. It can provide too much uvb. For plants, some use a linear T5 with multiple sockets and put 6400k plant lights in. I use these...
  19. MissSkittles

    Gnats, Gnats, Everywhere.

    Just ordered a couple of capensis plus have another katchy on it’s way. One way or the other, the gnats days are numbered.
  20. MissSkittles

    Gnats, Gnats, Everywhere.

    So there’s one problem...I have drosera spatulata and not capensis. :rolleyes: Time to go shopping again.
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