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  1. kogodogo

    chameleon not eating much

    hi everyone , i’ve had my juvy nosy be cham for a couple weeks now, and he seems to be settling in pretty well. however, he doesn’t want to eat much when i feed him. i try feeding him multiple times a day, and sometimes he eats, but other times he just seems uninterested. he eats about 2-5...
  2. kogodogo

    baby won’t eat

    i have a juvenile panther chameleon, about three months old. he arrived on wednesday, and it’s now friday. he has a t8 light, an exo terra uvb light, and a zoo med heat light. his basking area is at 80, and he has lots of foliage to climb around in. i mist twice daily and he has a slow drip...
  3. kogodogo

    baby panther chameleon napping during day

    hi there, i just got a juvenile panther chameleon yesterday. this is my first time owning a reptile, but after years of doing research i figured i would be able to handle him. he was doing fine yesterday when he first arrived, but today i noticed him near the bottom of his cage, and he spent...
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