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    home made dripper?

    any idea for a home made dripper???
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    my cham cage

    okay hi every one. im gonna get a flap neck cham in a little less then two weeks here are some pics can some one give me any constructive critisism or advice btw all the temps are correct thanks everyone that responds
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    wanted: flap necked chameleon caresheet

    does any know or is willing to give information on flap necked chameleons? thanks in advance :Dcody:D
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    chameleon prices

    im going to the havre de grace all reptile expo and was hoping to get a chameleon what is a good price to pay for a panther veiled jackson pygmy
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    english ivy???

    is english ivy okay for a veiled chameleon???
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    so im new to chameleons and everywhere i go to research it says something different (not new to reptiles/amphibians) |* _ *| heres a few about veiled chameleons 1. what sized cage? 2. what temp should the ground be? what should the basking spot? 3. can i house a female and a male...
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    so is a 3 1/2 ft tall x 1 ft wide x 2 ft long big enough for 1 pygmy leaf chameleon? is so how many can i put in it? also is there any common problems with pygmy leaf chameleons? thanks in advance
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