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    Chameleon looking sick

    My female veiled cham is about 2 years old(give or take 6 months, got her at the end of march coming up 2 years and the shop didnt know the age). I feed her 6 large crickets every 2 days and started to give her kale in the gap day. The gap is just so she can clear her stomach before eating more...
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    MBD Symptoms and some general help

    Hello, I just wanted to know a few symtoms of MBD to make sure my veiled cham is ok. Im just a cautious person but I want to make sure. Early stage signs would be nice to know. Also its right eye seems to be an oval shape more than the circle but the other one is fine. Its the actual eye and not...
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    Can anyone tell me about this?

    I have a female veiled Cham, not sure on the age but got her from shop in March, and she’s got two lump like things above her rear legs. Can anyone tell me what it is?
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    I have a veiled Cham and just made her terrarium bio active. I put spring tails and rolly pollies( or wood lice) into her substrate. They have leaf litter. When she’s poos it goes to the bottom of the tank and I can see the springtails on the poo. How long does it take the excrement to decompose?
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    Gold bands and spots

    I have a female veiled chameleon. I don’t know how old she is because the pet shop didn’t know but I got her in March so under a year I’m guessing. Yesterday she didn’t have much pattern apart from yellow spots/streaks. Today I saw she has gold bands on her tail and gold spots on her body...
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    Hi. I’ve asked this question before but can someone tell me the gender first my veiled chameleon. I know that the males have a spur but because this is my first reptile and chameleon then I don’t know what it looks like. The pet store didn’t know the age but I’ve had it since march. Also the...
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    Female Veiled poop

    I don’t know what this is and why it’s happening. The dripping picture is today and the other one is from a few days ago.
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    Form for chameleon

    Your Chameleon - Veiled Chameleon, about 5 months not sure. Sex unsure. Had it for about 2 weeks. Handling - Every couple of days for a few minutes. Feeding - small crickets and wax worms. Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday crickets and rest are worms. Monday and Friday are Calcium and vitamins...
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    Veiled Cham acting strange

    I got a new veiled and it’s only young a few weeks ago. I have fed him and he’s fine but he went to the corner of his cage and chewed something. He did it before but that was because the box of crickets was there and it could see it. I lived it but he went to the other corner. It has a black...
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