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    Furcifer lateralis mating :)

    Those are incredible pictures. I know everyone likes the Minor chameleons female gravid coloration but give me Carpets anytime! Wishing you lots of fertile eggs and baby carpets in the near future! Slainte' Ruth
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    KY quad shipment

    OK, I am in Louisville Kentucky. Where are you located and if i can help in any way let me know. I am a pharmacist and very experienced in Chameleon husbandry. Let me know if i can help in any way. I even have some extra cages and lights if you need them. Quads are some of my favorites...
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    some nice pictures....

    These c. Malthe are gorgeous! Do you find them a difficult species to keep?
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    Calumma nasutum

    Beautiful chameleons. Thank you for sharing them with us and best of luck with them. Ruth
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    c. johnstonii

    So glad to hear that some of you are having success with them. They are such attractive chameleons. Ok, I will be keeping my eyes open for some CB pairs! Great work !
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    Parsonii and Oshaughnessyi

    Thank you. Ruth
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    Parsonii and Oshaughnessyi

    Who is selling these chameleons and where can I see the price list and what is still available? I must have missed a few of the posts regarding this import. Thank you Ruth
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    Parsonii and Oshaughnessyi

    Just curious to know how many of each arrived at your facility?
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    Quads, Carpets, and acuminatus

    Just incredible pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us. Ruth
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    c. johnstonii

    Ok, i have seen one post for captive bred c. Johnstonii. Just curious to see how those working with this species have fared. This is one of my favorites and am hoping to see more youngsters and pictures please!
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    Minor chameleons

    Just saw an advertisement for them on My interest is peaked! Did anyone on this forum get some? They are my dream chameleons but for me the price tag was way beyond my reach. I truely hope we can have these gems available here in the United states again. Congratulations to those...
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    Trioceros johnstonii discussion group

    She looks healthy and vibrant! I hope she lays many eggs successfully for you. Ruth
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    Trioceros johnstoni bwindi

    Guess I missed the results.would you repost them or point me to the area they are posted? Thanks. Ruth
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    Trioceros johnstonii discussion group

    I hope the edema is not serious but I think it is worth noting that edema is not necessarily caused by over supplementing but can be a symptom of kidney, liver or cardiac problems. Ruth
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    Trioceros johnstoni bwindi

    I have been following this thread on the Johnstons chameleons and Jason i am so sorry to learn of your male's passing. I myself would leave the female alone and in complete privacy until after she has laid her clutch for you. This is a difficult species to work with and i wish you and all...
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    Finally! Nosy Mitsio eggs

    Congratulations, I hope you get a great hatch rate. They are one of my favorite locales. Slainte Ruth
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    New Johnstonii

    I am so sorry to hear that you lost the male. I worked with this species years ago and they were not easy to say the least. Lots of edema problems in the neck and limbs due to parasitic infestations and infections resulting from the parasites. Best of luck with your remaining ones. Slainte Ruth
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    My Chameleon is about to die, please help

    You may want to consider a warm shower to help re-hydrate before doing more invasive measures. Just place her comfortably on a plant and place in the shower on a very gentle warm mist setting. Close the shower curtains to help maintain a high humidity level. You would be surprised how much this...
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    Breeding Chameleons Soon?

    Hoping for some Rudis babies! Slainte' Ruth
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    Pure Nosey Be sold in lots of 10 for $500.00

    I will sell a 5 lot for $300.00 plus shipping is $49.00. A "Good Faith" deposit of $75.00 is required to hold the Nosey Bes until they are ready to be shipped. I do accept paypal and my address is [email protected] Slainte' Ruth
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